How to Get Rid of Duplicate Songs from Windows

How to Get Rid of Duplicate Songs from Windows

If you are a music composer, a DJ or a music lover, you must be downloading multiple songs on a daily basis. But what if that song is already there in your library and you are downloading it for the second or third time? Well, it’s not necessarily with the same file name or from the same source to the same folder or destination. To handle this situation in a much better fashion, here in this article you will find how to get rid of duplicate songs from Windows manually or by using duplicate music files finder to find and Remove Duplicate Songs.

Removing Duplicate Songs Using Windows Explorer

Windows Media Player is widely used media player around the world since not everyone opts out and looks for alternates. It is the default media player embedded with Windows Operating System and performs well with all the music file formats.

Unfortunately, there is no option to look for duplicate music files using Windows Media Player. All you can do manually is to look for duplicate music files in Windows Explorer.

Step 1. Open Windows Explorer and go to the folders where your music files are stored.

Step 2. Sort Files by ‘Name’ and look for similar names if you find any.

Step 3. Delete any duplicate file if found.

Step 4. Look for names starting with (copy) and look for similar files.

Step 5. Delete any duplicate file if found.

Step 6. Sort Files by ‘Size’ and look for similar-sized files if there are any.

Step 7. Delete any duplicate file if found.

If your files are stored in multiple folders, you can also try this trick.

Step 1. Open Windows Explorer and go to the search box and type in (*.MP3) in the search field.

Step 2. Follow Steps 2 to Step 7, to remove duplicate files from your PC.

Searching for .MP3 or .WMA files on ‘My Computer’ will ensure that it will search for audio files in all the folders and sub-folders.

Removing Duplicate Songs Using the Best Duplicate Music Files Finder

Alternatively, you can make use of the best duplicate music files finder software to ensure that there are no duplicate songs on your system. Such third-party software not only searches for the file name or file size but also look for identical audio files.

1. Duplicate Music Fixer

Duplicate Music Fixer is the best duplicate song removers that you can use to get rid of duplicate songs on your system. This scans your entire system to look for audio files with similar music frequencies within each audio file. Duplicate Music Fixer uses an advanced algorithm to scan every directory including hidden files and folders. It organizes your music files and reclaims your valuable storage space. Once you try this, you would wish to go for an upgrade to the Pro version.

Duplicate Music Fixer – Features
  • Scans and removes duplicate MP3 files
  • Organizes music library and creates playlists
  • Automatically leaves an original track of the duplicate file
  • Recovers lost disk space occupied by duplicate songs
  • FREE Software setup available for Windows & Mac
  • Gets music in a single folder from sub-folders

2. Duplicate Cleaner Pro

If you are looking forward to purchasing a one-stop solution to remove all your duplicate files from the PC, irrespective of file type or file size here is another software that you can make use of.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro can easily identify, find and remove all duplicate files, music, videos or photos. Duplicate cleaner is a one-stop solution to remove all the duplicate files in your system. It scans and removes duplicate music files with MP3, WMA, M4A, OGG, M4P (iTunes), AAC, FLAC and WAV formats. It also compares similar music tags across all found formats by Artist, Title, Album or Rating.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro – Features
  • Find all duplicate file formats at once
  • Categorize duplicate file formats from different folders
  • Look for similar files, formats, tags and displays duplicate identities
  • Find duplicate music by Artist, Name or Title with exact or similar matches
  • Sort or arrange files and folders according to name, date or other filters
  • Easily find similar images even if they are modified, rotated or resized
  • Cleans up disk space by remove duplicate files and folders
  • Removes duplicate playlists from a media player

3. AllDup – Duplicate Music Files Finder

Another most interesting and creative software to remove duplicate music files from the system is AllDup. It’s a freeware tool to search and remove duplicate files and duplicate songs from your computer including text, picture, songs or movies.

It is effective for large Music, Pictures, Documents, Downloads or Folder. It can find files with similar names, tags, size, type or categories from the same or different locations on your computer or network.

AllDup – Features
  • Search and list out similar or unique files
  • Export the search result into text or CSV format
  • Flexible options to select unnecessary duplicate files automatically
  • The built-in file viewer lets you preview different file formats and analyze the content
  • For safety point of view, all deleted files are moved to recycle bin or selected folder until deleted permanently
  • Search unlimited files and folders at ones with multiple search options
  • Ignore the EXIF data of JPEG files to avoid confusion
  • Faster search algorithm to search for hard links

Final Words:

Now that you know how to get rid of duplicate songs from Windows, we hope you make use of the best duplicate music files finder on the list and save valuable disk space on your computer. The free versions available may have some limitations however if you like the product, you should go for a pro version to enable full functionality of the program.

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