How To Fix Error 0x80300024 During Windows 10/11 Installation?


Many customers reported receiving the error code 0x80300024 when attempting to install the Windows operating system. Users report seeing the error message Windows is unable to install to the specified location. 0X80300024 is the error code. The error 0X80300024 can arise on any Windows version; however, it is most commonly seen while installing or reinstalling the Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. This error can also arise while updating the computer to Windows 10.

The error is usually caused by inadequate disk space on the specific drive, but corrupted or damaged installation media can also cause it. As a result, ensure your machine fulfills the minimum system requirements for the Windows version you wish to install. Then, follow the suggestions in this article to get past the error code 0x80300024 when installing Windows.

What Causes Error 0x80300024 When Installing Windows?

1 – There is insufficient space on the hard drive you are attempting to install Windows.

2 – Corrupted or damaged Windows installation media can also result in the 0x80300024 Windows 10 installation error.

3 – If the hard drive is corrupted or damaged. 

4 – Inserting installation disk into an incompatible or non-functional USB port.

5 – Incompatibility or error between the hard drive and the driver application.

6 – Disconnect the installation drive from the installation destination.

7 – Hardware or software problems.

How To Fix Error 0x80300024 During Windows 10/11 Installation?

So, these are some possible culprits that might be creating the error on the Windows system. Now, follow the fixes provided one by one to solve the error.


1. Check The Connection Of The Accessories

The first step is to check that all necessary accessories are correctly attached. It is also important to ensure that the installation drive and location connection are reliable. If the cable connecting these two has a scratch, it may interfere with the installation of the Window. As a result, make that the cable is free of scratches. Next, check whether there is enough space at the installation location. After double-checking everything, restart your computer to see whether the error code 0x80300024 has been fixed. If not, you must go to the next solution.

2. Remove Unwanted Hard Drives

Well, if your computer is connected to more than one hard disk drive, you may encounter an error in Windows that couldn’t be installed. When you try to install Windows on one of these drives, other disk drives interfere with the installation, resulting in the Windows installation failing with error code 0x80300024. If this is the case, remove all hard disks from which you do not want to install Windows. Now, reinstall Windows to see if the problem has been resolved. If the issue persists, try other fixes.

3. Use A Different USB Port To Plug In Installation Media

If you use USB to install Windows and receive error 0x80300024, there may be an issue with the USB port to which the installation media is connected. You might also be inserting the installation media into the incorrect port. To fix this, try utilizing various USB ports and check whether using different USB ports allows you to install Windows properly.

4. Place The Target Hard Drive At The Top Of The Boot Order

Well, if the hard drive on which you wish to install Windows is not at the top of the boot sequence, the error code 0x80300024 may encounter while installing Windows. As a result, to resolve the error, you must modify the driver order in your computer’s BIOS during startup. You may follow this by following these steps:

1 – First, Boot your computer. 

2 – Press any of the F1, F2, or Del keys when your computer boots up to access your computer’s BIOS setup. If you cannot access your computer’s BIOS using these keys, consult your computer’s manual to check which key must be pushed.

3 – Look for your computer’s boot configuration/order in the BIOS. You may find it in the BIOS’s Boot tab.


4 – Make that the hard drive you are attempting to install Windows is at the top of the list. Move it to the top of it isn’t already there.

5 – Save your changes and exit BIOS.

5. Use DiskPart

Well, this Windows installation error might also be caused by a corrupted hard drive partition table. To fix error 0x80300024 on a Windows 10 computer, use DiskPart and follow the procedures below:

1 – Locate and find a note of the System partition while setup lists the partitions.

2 – Press Shift + F10 and enter Disakpart.

3 – Now, type List Disk to get a list of all partitions.

4 – After that, type Select Disk 1 (replace “1” with the partition number).

5 – Press Enter after typing Clean.

Check whether the error 0x80300024 when installing Windows 10 has been fixed.

6. Format Installation Location

Well, suppose the HDD partition you are attempting to install Windows is not newly created. In that case, the existing data on that partition may interfere with the installation process. As a consequence, you will receive error code 0x80300024 during Windows installation. To avoid or fix the error, format the installation partition before installing Windows. Now, follow the steps below to fix the installation error:

1 – Boot the computer from the bootable Windows installation media.

2 – Choose to boot from the inserted bootable Windows installation media in the BIOS.

3 – Set your keyboard layout, language, and other preferences now.

4 – When asked what type of Windows installation you want, select Custom (advanced).

5 – Click the Drive options (advanced) on the following page.

6 – Select the hard drive partition where you wish to install Windows.

7 – Select the Format option.

8 – Confirm your action and wait for the hard drive partition to be formatted fully.

9 – Click Next.

As you can see, the hard drive has been turned into an unallocated space. Next, check a partition and install Windows on it to see whether the error still occurs.

7. Free Up Disk Space

As I mentioned in the causes section, the Windows installation error 0x80300024 can also arise owing to insufficient drive space. In this case, you must make space on the hard disk drive for the Windows installation files. Delete any temporary files and any unwanted or extra files/folders. This will assist you in making space on the hard drive so that you may install Windows without worrying about space constraints.

8. Replace Hard Drive

If you have tried all the preceding fixes and can still not cure the problem, your hard disk drive may be faulty. If you utilize a malfunctioning hard drive, you may encounter the 0x80300024 error while installing Windows. In this case, your only choice is to replace your hard drive with a new one. And after replacing the hard drive, try to install Windows. After that, you should no longer encounter the installation error.

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The Bottom Line:

The error code 0x80300024 might be troublesome and prevent you from installing Windows on your computer. However, you may try to avoid this error on your computer. This post covered every method available for resolving error 0x80300024 on Windows. So follow them one by one to solve the problem at your end. However, if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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