Best 15 Android Widgets You Need To Try

Android Widgets

Android is the most famous mobile operating system right now, without a doubt. Android gives users more options and features than any other mobile operating system. You can discover thousands of apps in the Google Play Store’s Customization/Personalization area. Live Wallpapers, Launcher Apps, Widgets, Icon Packs, and other popular Android customization options are just a few. We’ve already posted many stories on TechFive about customizing Android, like the best launcher apps, icon packs, etc. Today, we’ll share a list of the best widgets for Android. These widgets look good on the home screen of an Android device and give you useful information.

Best 15 Android Widgets You Need To Try

In this post, we wrote about the best Android widgets that can be used to share important information and make it easier to do other things.

1. MagicWidgets

Android WidgetsMagicWidgets is an app that offers a variety of widget options. You get a picture widget, an iOS widget, a calendar widget, and more with MagicWidgets. Aside from that, MagicWidgets also offers a variety of styles. Even the app offers a variety of size options. For example, you can choose to put big, medium, or small widgets on your home screen.

2. Battery Widget Reborn

Android WidgetsIt’s a great widget for Android that you can get from the Play Store to check how full your power is. It also has a battery check meter that looks like a gauge. The settings allow you to customize the Widget’s color, shape, and features. It also shows the apps that are currently using up battery life.


Android WidgetsUCCW is an Android app that lets you make your widgets. It is very similar to KWGT. After you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to install the skin and customize it to your liking. The good thing about UCCW is that it has many customization options. For instance, you can change the structure of items, fonts, pictures, shapes, analog clocks, energy meters, weather, and more.

4. Weather

Android WidgetsThis one might do the trick if you want a widget that sufficiently shows the weather. It brings back the feel of the old HTC weather widget with a clock that you can flip and spin. The famous 1Weather app is used to get weather information for the widget app for Android. It shows the current temperature, the amount of rain, the direction of the wind, etc.

5. Flashlight Widget

Android WidgetsFlashlight Widget is among the best Widget apps on the Google Play Store. This one adds a camera flash switching widget to your screen. So if you use Flashlight a lot on your phone, you can count on this Widget. The Widget is very small and takes up to 30KB to run.

6. Month: Calendar Widget

Android WidgetsThis is one of the few Widget apps for Android that brings you a collection of beautiful, modern, and useful calendar widgets. The good thing about Android widgets is that they work well with any home screen setup. It also shows recent and future planned events, like a friend’s birthday, neighborhood events, holidays, etc.

7. My Data Manager

Android WidgetsThis Widget helps users take charge of how much data they use on their phones. Additionally, the Android app brings a widget that shows real-time and mobile usage. The Widget also shows the most recent text messages and call logs.

8. 1Weather

1WeatherWell, 1Weather is an app for checking the weather with many fun features. Many different HD weather, clock, and alarm widgets can change how your Android looks. The great thing about this app is that it brings a lot of Widgets. You can also check the weather with these Android widgets right from the home screen of your Android.

9. Minimalistic Text

Minimalistic TextMinimalistic Text is among the best and lightest widget apps everyone would love to have. Users can write anything they wish on the home screen or lock screen. So, users can set up the Minimalistic Text to show details like the time, date, energy level, and weather. Aside from that, Minimalistic Text is the best widget app you can use right now because it is so easy to change.

10. Another Widget

Another WidgetIt is the best Android widget app on the Google Play Store, with the highest rating. Another Widget is great because it gives you a smart summary of the most important information about your system that you need. You can, for example, tell Another Widget to show future events, the weather, etc.

11. Blue Mail Widget

Blue Mail WidgetBlue Mail Widget is the best Widget everyone with an Android phone would love to have. It’s an email app that also comes with a few widgets related to email. The Widget can show emails from Gmail, Outlook, and other email services on your home screen.

12. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT Kustom Widget MakerWhat’s that? It is one of the best widget-making apps on the Google Play Store, with a high rating. With KWGT Kustom Widget Maker, making your styles easy and showing any information you want is easy. The KWGT Kustom Widget Maker allows users to start with templates already made. Additionally, the app offers a variety of 3D movements, forms, styles, and other things.

13. Weawow

WeawowWell, it is one of the best and most highly ranked weather apps for Android that you can find in the Google Play Store. The app is also completely free and doesn’t have any ads. Weawow also has a picture-based weather forecast widget, which is interesting. With Weawow, you can make your home screen more interesting by putting pretty pictures next to the weather report.

14. Sticky Notes + Widget

Sticky Notes + WidgetIt’s a memo app that lets users list things to do and make memos. Interestingly, the Widget on the home screen shows the notes immediately. So, with Sticky Notes + Widget, you can put important notes or lists of things to do on the home screen of your Android. Sticky Notes + Widget also works with writing notes, texts that can be scrolled in a widget, etc.

15. Contacts Widget

Contacts WidgetThe contacts Widget is great because it gives users more than 20 beautiful and unique widgets that can be used to call and chat. In addition, there are also widgets in the Contacts Widget that show recent call logs, SMS logs, and so on.


So, these are the best widget apps for Android to improve how it works and looks. This post was helpful! Please tell your friends about it too.

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