Best 10 Lock Screen Apps For Android

Lock Screen Apps

You may be familiar with the customization options for Android if you’ve been using it for a while. You can customize almost every aspect of Android, which is a highly customizable operating system. Until now, we have shared many articles on Android customizations, such as the best launcher apps, icon packs, etc. In addition, to replace the stock lock screen of Android, we’ll be sharing some of the best lock screen replacement apps today.

Best 10 Lock Screen Apps For Android

Well, these lock screen replacement apps for Android also have a few features, such as the ability to add apps to the lock screen, add smart replies to the lock screen, and so on. So, let’s look at the best lock screen replacement apps for Android.

1. Floatify Lockscreen

Lock Screen Apps

It is one of the best and most advanced lock screen replacement apps on the Google Play Store. Floatify Lockscreen has more features than all other lock screen apps. Floatify lets you manage notifications right from the lock screen. For example, you can respond to messages from the lock screen, send pre-set replies to messages, and so on. You can also customize the lock screen to your liking. The latest version of Android, however, does not support Floatify Lockscreen.

2. Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 15

Lock Screen Apps

Are you searching for an Android lock screen app that works like an iPhone? Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 15 should be tried if so. Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 15 is one of the best lock screen replacement apps for your Android. You can view your most recent notifications from the lock screen using the lock screen app. It groups notifications from the same app together for a cleaner view. In addition, the app is small and doesn’t slow down your device.

3. Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash

Lock Screen Apps

It is one of the distinctive lock screen apps for Android. The first screen of your phone will display the most recent news and ads tailored to you once installed. It gives you something called “Carats” as you read through the topics or watch the ads. You can exchange the carats for cash or gift cards. However, Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash uses much battery life and slows down the device.

4. Ava Lockscreen

Lock Screen Apps

Ava Lockscreen is one of the most distinct Android lock screen replacement apps on the Google Play Store. With the app, you can get the best features of Android and iOS straight on the lock screen. The app allows you to set custom wallpaper or “live wallpaper,” add new widgets, send direct replies to messaging apps, and more.

5. AcDisplay

Lock Screen Apps

It will notify you of new notifications by displaying a simple, lovely screen and letting you open them right from the lock screen. And if you wish to see what’s going on, you can take your Android phone out of your pocket and view all the most recent notifications similarly pleasingly and minimally.

6. Black Hole – Lock screen

If you’re searching for a lock screen replacement app for your Android phone that lets you change everything, you should try the Black Hole-Lock app. This app can add features like a flashlight, music player, notifications, and apps to the lock screen.

7. Canyon – Lock Screen

With Canyon – Lock Screen, you can set a custom lock screen background and add features like a music player, flashlight, etc. In addition, you can set the app to display notifications of desired apps right on the lock screen.

8. Gesture Lock Screen

The best lock screen app for Android is this one. With Gesture Lock Screen for Android, users can unlock their Android phone with a cool gesture. Not only that, but the app also sends you notifications and lets you change the way your phone unlocks.

9. Always On AMOLED

Well, it is not a lock screen app, but it mimics the Always-On display. The Always-On display is typically found on high-end Samsung phones. This ambient display app looks great on the phone with an AMOLED display. Still, you can always use On AMOLED as a lock screen replacement app.

10. KLCK Kustom Lock Screen

You should try KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker if you are satisfied with the lock screen apps mentioned in the article. It’s a lock screen maker that lets you make the lock screen you want. With so many features and components available, this app makes a custom lock screen fairly simple. You can, for example, set the background, graphics, and other components. In addition, KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker lets you add widgets to the lock screen for the weather, maps, music player, etc.


If you’re not satisfied with the stock lock screen on your Android, you can use these lock screen replacement apps. Tell us in the comments if you know of any other similar apps. This article was helpful to you! Tell your friends about it as well.

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