10 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking in 2023

10 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking in 2023. You shouldn’t be afraid to pursue a career in Ethical Hacking. Companies and governments hire ethical hackers and penetration testers to improve their networks, applications, web services, and more.

“Ethical hacking” has always been a part of computing, and it is a huge field. Finding weaknesses and holes in a network or other protocol is the responsibility of an ethical hacker.

Ethical hacking is when professionals gain access to a system with permission and no bad intentions. Many users might be interested in learning about ethical hacking, but it’s difficult.

To become an ethical hacker, a person must master a few important things. Learning programming languages is the most important aspect of being an ethical hacker. So, to be an ethical hacker, you should master one or more programming languages.

List of 10 Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking in 2023

Hence, this article will list some of the best programming languages to help you learn ethical hacking quickly. Let’s check out.

1. PHP

Well, PHP is a dynamic programming language that is primarily used in web and mobile applications. So, if you want to master web hacking techniques, you should master this programming language.

Learning PHP can help you in many ways, such as defending yourself against malicious attackers, writing a custom application, protecting your websites that have been hacked, and more. In other words, if you master PHP, finding holes in PHP websites will be easy.

2. Python

Python is a very well-liked and all-time favorite programming language among ethical hackers. It is a high-level programming language known for its adaptability. In ethical hacking, the programming language is primarily used for writing exploits.

The programming language is also widely used for creating malicious programs and hacking scripts.
Python has been used to make network security tools, sniffing tools, keyloggers, password crackers, and other things.

Cross-platform support, which enables the same program to run on multiple platforms, is another benefit of Python.

3. SQL

A programming language called SQL, or Structured Query Language, is used to keep a database up to date. You can learn this language to organize, retrieve, add, remove, or edit data in a database.

To carry out attacks like SQL injection, ethical hackers frequently learn SQL. Relational databases can be queried and changed using the language, though.

4. Java

Well, Java is a very flexible programming language that is widely used in pen-testing. Typically, web development, service development for multiple sites, and mobile application development use Java.

Java is a very powerful open-source and cross-platform programming language. Because they heavily use Java to create Android apps, many penetration testers praise and promote it.

Java is the best programming language for hacking into mobile devices.

5. Perl

Even though Perl is not as well-known as the others, it is still very useful. Perl is frequently used by ethical hackers to make tools and exploits. It’s a great programming language for working with Linux text files.

The system logs are large text files from which the programming language is made to process and extract information.

6. Ruby

Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking

Ruby and Python are technically very similar and were thought to be the best programming language for ethical hacking.

If we’re talking about Ruby, this one is more web-focused and gives you more ways to write exploits. Metasploit, a popular framework for penetration testing, uses Ruby.

7. C

The C programming language primarily controls system hardware and resources at a lower level. The programming language is heavily used in security because it helps exploit writing and development.

Ethical hackers frequently use the C programming language to access and change system resources and hardware components like RAM.


8. Assembly

Assembly is not a widely used language, but ethical hackers love it. It can assist you depending on the type of hacking domains you are working in.

It is best known for creating a successful hacking program. Also, you can’t ignore how easy it is to change low-level system processes. Malware like viruses and Trojan horses are also created using the programming language.

9. Bash

Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking

It is not a programming language; it is the command shell that comes with every Linux distribution. Bash should be on the list because Linux runs most servers on the internet.

Bash can be used with other programming languages to access a system, move through directories, and more.

10. C++

Best Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking

C++ is, without a doubt, one of the best and most widely used programming languages. Although the programming language is widely used in every industry, ethical hackers also benefit from it.

When analyzing other programs written in the C or C++ language, C++ comes in handy. Ethical hackers can create effective modern hacking tools thanks to the programming language’s access to low-level system components.

If you’re interested in ethical hacking, you should learn one or more programming languages. I hope that this article was helpful to you!
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