How To Easily Change Phone Number In Outlook?

Changing the phone number in Microsoft Outlook might be difficult, especially when no specific portal exists. In addition, its direct connection to your Microsoft Account might make maintaining your profile cumbersome. This post will show you how to change your phone number in Outlook and manage your profile information.

How To Easily Change Phone Number In Outlook?

Your Microsoft account is directly connected to the Outlook email service. Therefore, if you want to change your phone number in Outlook, you must do it in your Microsoft Account profiles. To do so, take the following steps:

1 – Navigate to the Outlook website.

2 – To launch Account Manager, click on your profile symbol in the upper right corner of the page.

Change Phone Number Outlook

3 – Select My Profile from the dropdown menu.

Change Phone Number Outlook

4 – At the top, select the Your Info tab.

Change Phone Number Outlook

5 – On this new screen, click Edit account information. Then, sign in to your account once again.

Change Phone Number Outlook

6 – Click Remove after selecting the phone number you wish to change. A number cannot be edited directly. Instead, you’ll have to remove it to change it.

7 – Click the Add Phone Number button.

Change Phone Number Outlook

8 – Enter a new phone number for your account. Next, click.

Change Phone Number Outlook

9 – You will receive a code on your phone. When the verification code is obtained, please enter it.

10 – Your phone number has now been set to your account.

You might alternatively enter a new number without removing the previous one. Then, select Make Primary to confirm it as the primary phone number for your account.

Change Phone Number Outlook

How To Easily Add And Change Email Addresses?

You may perform the following to add or change related email addresses on your Outlook account:

1 – Repeat the above procedures to get to the Contact Info tab.

2 – Select an email address that will be connected to the account. It makes no difference whether or not it is the primary address. You will be redirected to your Microsoft Account Info page.

3 – To add an email address, click Add email address.

4 – You’ll be redirected to the Add Alias page. You may establish an Outlook email or link an existing email address to your Outlook account. After you’ve made your selection, click Add Alias.

Change Phone Number Outlook

5 – To delete an email address, choose the one you wish to delete and click Remove. You’ll be prompted to confirm the deletion of the email address by clicking Remove again.

I Can’t Add A New Phone Number

If you attempted to update your phone number and received the message, “This alias cannot be added to your account. Microsoft will not allow you to proceed if you receive the “Choose a different alias” error. This error occurs because the phone number or email address you are attempting to add is already connected to another account. Although you may not have linked your phone number to an account, the person who had your phone number before you may have.

Change Phone Number Outlook

Unfortunately, this is a typical issue with Microsoft accounts that is difficult to resolve. An Alias cannot be reused, according to Microsoft policy. As a number, even if the person who had your phone number before you canceled their account or erased it, it is still not accessible for use. If you cannot add your phone number to your account, your best solution is to contact Microsoft Support and request more assistance.

Change Profile Information

You may edit your existing profile information by going to your My Profile page. This section allows you to add a picture and manage your name, birth date, region, and display language. To advance, you must enter your sign-in credentials, except for adding a picture and changing your display language. Be advised that updating the information on this page changes the whole Microsoft Account. This is critical to remember since it impacts not just Outlook, but also other Microsoft accounts connected to it, such as Skype and Xbox Live.

Enable Two-Step Authentication

Setting up Two-Step Authentication is a terrific approach to secure your account while also making it easy to log in and change information. Here’s how to go about it:

1 – Open Outlook, then click on your symbol in the upper right corner and select My Account.

2 – Scroll down until you find the Update Your Security Information box. Click on it.

3 – Select More Security Options. It’s the box on the right.

4 – Select Set Up Two-Step Verification from the Two-Step Verification option.

5 – When requested, enter your security credentials.

6 – Select Next.

7 – You may now set how the verification is performed. You have the option of selecting an app, a phone number, or an email address. Select an option, then click next or download the app.

8 – If you entered an email address or a phone number, you will get a verification code.

9 – You will be instructed to download the Microsoft Authenticator App if you select an app.

Change Phone Number Outlook


What Exactly Is A Microsoft Account Alias?

An alias is a phone number or email address you may use to sign in to your Microsoft account. For example, if you want to log in, you can enter your phone number, Outlook email, or another email address (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).

How To Easily Change My Primary Alias On My Microsoft Account?

After you’ve added a new phone number or email address, you may select which one to make the primary. Go to your Contact Info page and choose ‘Make Primary’ next to the alias you wish to use.

Keeping Your Profile Up To Date

Without a doubt, an up-to-date profile improves Outlook’s performance. In addition, knowing how to change not just your phone number but also your other information ensures that your profile is constantly up to date.

Have you ever changed your Outlook phone numbers? Please share your opinions in the space below.

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