How To Easily Disconnect Phone Number From Discord?

Disconnect Phone Number From Discord

When creating a Discord account, you must link a valid phone number for verification. It functions as an efficient anti-spam tool, assisting you in regaining control if you are hacked. Some people, however, are reluctant to reveal their personal information. Is there a way to avoid this? The simple answer is no. Because your phone number is required for account authentication, Discord does not enable you to disconnect it. You have two options: replace the phone number or delete the entire account. This post will walk you through the process step by step and will look at a possible solution.

How To Easily Disconnect A Phone Number From Discord?

The platform immediately deactivates accounts that do not have a valid phone number. We’ll go into the reasons behind this in greater depth later, but for now, let’s assume it’s designed to do so. As previously stated, there are two ways. First, you can delete your account if you truly wish to disconnect your private number from the platform. That way, your data will be permanently gone from Discord, and you won’t have to worry about it being misappropriated. Another solution is to replace a different phone number for your digits. Fortunately, both ways are rather simple. Continue reading for a step-by-step guide.

Delete Discord Account

It only takes a few seconds to delete your Discord account. Even better, you can do it with a variety of devices. Desktop and mobile apps work with a variety of operating systems. The Android version is available on Google Play, while Windows users may get the desktop app through the official website. Go to the App Store for iOS and macOS devices. Please keep in mind that if you delete your Discord account, you will not be able to create a new account using the same phone number. For further information, please see the FAQs section below. The UI is nearly the same across all versions, as is the functionality. Of course, you do not need to download Discord to delete your account. You may also use the web app. Follow these steps, whatever you choose to do it:

1 – Open the app or log in to your account using your favorite browser.

2 – At the bottom of the window, click the User Settings gear icon.

3 – From the left-hand menu, choose My Account.

4 – Then, under Account Removal, click Delete Account.

Changing The Discord Phone Number

Discord does not need you to connect your actual phone number to your account. You may even link your work phone or a random number you rarely use, as long as it’s current. That said, replacing the present digits on your account is a piece of cake. Follow these easy steps:

1 – Launch the Discord app or log in through your browser.

2 – Click the User Settings gear icon. 

3 – Select My Account from the drop-down list.

4 – Find the field that contains your phone number and click the Edit button. Enter the supplementary digits.

5 – Wait a few seconds for the verification code’s text message to arrive. Save the code to your clipboard. Discord will sometimes automatically fill in the code and finish the operation.

6 – Paste the verification code into the relevant field to replace the old number.

It is not only a simple way but also useful when switching service providers.

How To Easily Transfer Ownership Of A Discord Account?

If you’ve decided to deactivate your account permanently, you’ll need to figure out what to do with your servers. It would be a shame to close down a vibrant forum and break up a well-knit community. Fortunately, your Discord legacy will live even if you delete your account. All that remains is to transfer ownership to a new administrator. The platform allows you to give the keys to any user you choose as long as they’re on the server. It may be a buddy or a member of the community. Choose wisely since this person will control the forum from that point forward. Here’s what you should do once you’ve agreed on a trustworthy successor:

1 – Open the server you wish to transfer to another admin. 

2 – Click the Server Name and select Server Settings from the options menu.

3 – Navigate to the User Management section and open the Members category. 

4 – Find the person you wish to be the new admin through the list of members. Please hover your mouse over their username and click the three vertical dots on the right.

5 – From the drop-down options menu, select Transfer Ownership.

How To Easily Delete A Server On Discord?

Of course, not all servers are worthwhile to retain. There’s no point in transferring control of an abandoned group chat that you started. Instead, before you deactivate your account, delete the server. Here’s how to go about it:

1 – Open the server and go to the Server Name. To access a drop-down list, click.

2 – Click Server Settings. 

3 – From the list of options, find Delete Server.

4 – A dialogue box will display. In the dialogue box, type the name of the server.

5 – Click the red Delete Server icon in the bottom-right corner to confirm. You must type the authentication code if 2FA verification is enabled.

Mind that once you’ve deleted the server, there’s no turning back. It will perish in the dark regions, with no hope of resurrection.


Here are some additional questions and answers concerning Discord’s phone verification policies.

Is It Possible To Bypass Discord Phone Verification?

As previously stated, you do not need to connect your real phone number to your Discord account. Apps like DoNotPay may be used to circumvent the platform’s phone verification method. , DoNotPay generates “burner phones,” or temporary phone numbers that may be linked to various servers. You may use the app to create an account on any platform without disclosing your contact information. It’s a fantastic feature, especially if you’re concerned about hackers and personal data misuse. All you have to do to get the merchandise is access a DoNotPay account. After you’ve created the account, you may use the one-of-a-kind burner phone to avoid any verification restrictions, including Discord. Follow these easy steps:

1 – Sign in to your account using your preferred browser.

2 – Go to the Burner Phone section and type Discord into the dialogue box.

3 – From the list of options, select Create a Temporary Phone.

4 – After requesting a Discord verification code, click to view the text message.

Keep in mind that the number will expire in 10 minutes. So if you want this approach to work, you must send the verification code soon. Also, Discord will occasionally send you a notice indicating that your phone number is invalid. This occurs due to the following factors:

1 – Your phone number has an invalid country code.

2 – The number is identified as a forgery and is thus blocked.

3 – You have a landline or VOIP number (it only works with cell phones).

4 – Another Discord account uses the same phone number.

Why Is A Phone Number Required For My Discord Account?

Discord allows you to create a whole online community and engage with friends, family, and fellow gamers across numerous servers. However, once a channel is made public, it is vulnerable to spammers who might ruin the enjoyment by filling it with worthless stuff. As a result, Discord employs various security methods, such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and phone verification. Although it may appear inconvenient, it is an excellent way of ensuring the security of your data. It also aids in the elimination of bots, whose existence on a server can lead to more text frauds and other hacker assaults.

Is It Possible To Use A Google Voice Number With Discord?

No, unfortunately. If you try to replace your current phone with a Google Voice number, you will receive an Invalid Phone Number error. Google Voice is a VoIP service that fails the Discord authentication test.

Is It Possible To Reuse My Phone Number To Create A New Account?

If you choose the deletion option but then opt to create a new account, be advised that Discord may take some time to delete your account information entirely. If you delete your account and then attempt to create a new one, you will have problems authenticating your phone number. However, everything is not lost. If you have trouble with the phone verification, contact Discord’s Support Team. First, click on this link and then follow these steps:

1 – Click the What can we assist you with? Dropdown menu, and then select Help & Support.

2 – In the Type of inquiry drop-down, click Phone Verification.

3 – Fill out the remaining fields, add a description, and click the Submit button at the bottom.

Conclusion: Disconnect Phone Number From Discord

While a Discord account cannot exist without a phone number, you do not have to put your contact information at risk. If you’re concerned that your personal information may be misused, you can delete your account or replace the link with a different phone number. However, keep in mind that the verification system serves a specific function. Its strong security feature keeps you safe from fraudsters and spam mail. So before you go for the burner phone, ensure you’re aware of the dangers.

Discord is one of the world’s largest platforms, with over 300 million active users. Without a strong defense, your account may become more exposed to hackers, so proceed cautiously. What are your thoughts on Discord’s phone verification? Are you reluctant to link your contact information to such platforms? If you know of a way to disconnect your phone number from Discord without having to replace it, please leave a comment below.

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