Best Discord Servers for Minecraft in 2024

Discord Servers for Minecraft

The Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular sandbox games, so players naturally desire a place where they can hang out, debate game tactics, share Minecraft house ideas, and much more. And what’s more pleasing than a Discord server where you can be a part of an active community, make new buddies, and play the game together? So, in this post, we provide the 5+ best Discord servers for Minecraft, each with a sizable community and a secure atmosphere. So, on that topic, let’s look at the top Minecraft Discord servers.

Best Discord Servers For Minecraft in 2024

We’ve listed the best survival Discord servers exclusively focused on Minecraft or have a top number of dedicated channels for the game.

1. Purple Prison

Purple Prison not only boasts one of the best Minecraft prison servers, but it also has a large and active Discord community. It is a Discord server with a large following among veteran gamers and newcomers who have only recently begun their Minecraft journey. The server is well-known for its lively 24/7 Minecraft talks and Discord Nitro premium subscription giveaways. Because the server has stringent standards and several Discord bots to keep users in check against spam and excessive posts, you will find non-toxic players here. So, you have a clean place where you can interact with Minecraft players worldwide and learn new things about the game. To summarise, Purple Prison is a popular Minecraft Discord server that you should explore.

2. Mystic

Mystic is one of the top Minecraft Discord servers, with over 30,000 active users. It is the server to join if you’re mostly searching for giveaways based on Minecraft. It offers a dynamic and inviting community among the various servers for Minecraft players on Discord. You may chat with other users 24 hours a day, share your gaming and ideas, and access Minecraft mods all in one place. Aside from that, Mystic also offers giveaways for anime games if that’s your thing. To summarise, Mystic is one of the best Minecraft Discord servers out there if you want an all-around Discord server.

3. ChillBar

ChillBar, as the name implies, is home to a large and inviting community of Minecraft, anime, and social interaction enthusiasts. There are dozens of speech channels on this server with people from all around the world. You may join, connect, and spend hours playing Minecraft with new people. The server lets people relax and talk if that’s not your thing. Aside from gaming, the server also features dedicated music, karaoke, and AFK channels. You may also participate in monthly giveaways and art activities on the server. According to user feedback, the server offers competitive yet non-toxic and supportive players. Finally, if you want to meet new people, whether or not Minecraft is involved, ChillBar is the place to be.

4. Cosmic Craft

Cosmic Craft is considered one of the best Minecraft servers on Discord, according to ratings, and it’s no wonder. The moderators are fantastic, and the server has many options to make the atmosphere more user-friendly and entertaining for gamers. For example, there are daily giveaways for Discord’s premium Nitro subscription, which is unavailable on many other Minecraft servers. Another thing to note is that the dialogue on Cosmic Craft is mostly non-toxic. However, there have been reports of players assaulting in groups until you leave the server permanently. Nonetheless, Cosmic Craft performs an excellent job at moderation, and you will most certainly feel at home on this server if you want to play Minecraft with new people.

5. Mineplex

Mineplex is among the best Minecraft servers of all time. It offers incredible game types, a large community, and some of the best custom maps. However, its developers do not wish to confine this fun to the world of Minecraft, which is why they have a dedicated discord server with over 50k users. As a result, thousands of players are always active on the game’s server and Discord. In addition, there are channels dedicated to extended audio chats, art exchange, and networking if that’s what you’re looking for. So, if you’re new to the Minecraft game and want to join the Minecraft community, Mineplex’s network is one of the friendliest.

6. Mantle

The majority of the best Minecraft servers on Discord provide the same service. A nice community and a place to chat. Mantle, on the other hand, takes a step further. It features lounges where people may chat and make new acquaintances. However, it is also the best place to obtain capes in Minecraft. The entire discord server is dedicated to the creation and distribution of capes. Designers, other players, and a large community of cape fans may all be found. Then, after you’ve discovered the cape you like, Mantle’s community will assist you in dressing it in the game. Most other players may not see this cape. However, Mantle’s community of over 80,000 players welcomes your new appearance.

7. Minecraft Official

The official Minecraft Discord is up next. It boasts 0.8 million users, making it one of the largest Discord servers. However, the massive size of this server is a barrier for most new players. This Discord server is nearly never empty. So you have to wait a few minutes for someone to leave before joining it. It just took us 30 seconds. There is nothing you can hope for once you are on the server. You can chat to developers, get sneak peeks at planned features, and whine about present ones. So, if you desire to be a part of the largest Minecraft community, which includes the game’s designers, the official Minecraft server is the place to go.

8. SkyBlock Simplified

If you’re a member of the Minecraft community, you’ve probably heard about Hypixel. It is one of the time’s largest and best Minecraft servers. And SkyBlock simple is dedicated to Hypixel’s most popular game mode: SkyBlock. This Discord server is used by players to discuss strategy, form guilds, and seek assistance with their SkyBlock. This Discord server may also be used for in-game transitions, trade, crafting, and other splash services. Due to a diverse player community, this server is heavily moderated, making it a welcoming and non-toxic place for even the youngest Minecrafters. Overall, SkyBlock Simplified lives up to Hypixel’s quality and reputation as a fun and wholesome environment for all gamers.

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Conclusion: Discord Servers For Minecraft

So, these are the best Minecraft Discord servers where you can make new friends and play your heart out with an active community. We have placed a high time on non-toxic servers so that you may enjoy Minecraft without worrying about cyberbullying. And, before we go, did we miss any popular Minecraft Discord servers? If we did, please let us know and share your favorite Minecraft Discord servers in the comments area below.

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