The Ultimate Guide to Travel Insurance

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Insurance

More and more people travel every year. It’s something people look forward to and plan for months in advance. Still, as many people travel yearly, only about 38% of them get travel insurance. As a result, people often overlook it until the unforeseen happens, and they desperately need it. You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance or even get an airport shuttle service if it doesn’t have an insurance policy, so why travel without one?

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Some might see travel insurance as unnecessary, but it can be a vital safety net. Nobody can foresee lost luggage, canceled or delayed flights, rental car collisions, medical emergencies, etc.

What Is Travel Insurance Coverage Like?

The travel insurance coverage depends on the plan you pick. However, five basic types come under coverage.

1. Cancellations and interruptions

According to the Air Travel Consumer Report, out of the 6.3 million flights in 2021, 111,018 were canceled. Now imagine you have a prepaid and non-refundable flight that cancels at the last minute. Your investment will have gone down the drain. Travel insurance is there to cover such problems.

2. Medical emergencies

Even if you have health insurance, it may not cover different states. It also doesn’t cover other countries. However, you can get travel medical insurance coverage covering most medical mishaps.

3. Emergency evacuation

You had a medical emergency that comes under your insurance coverage, but how do you get to the hospital and home afterward? This is what the emergency evacuation in a trip insurance covers.

4. Luggage and delayed flight problems

Trip insurance covers damaged belongings, lost luggage, delayed baggage, and travel delays.

5. 24/7 Assistance

Travel insurance companies provide 24/7 phone assistance. They’ll either cover things like airport shuttle service problems, identity theft, etc. or will assist you in what to do.

Types Of Travel Insurance

There are two types of travel insurance:

  • Trip insurance –It is the most detailed coverage because it includes trip cancellation coverage too. In addition, it includes medical emergencies, delays, loss of luggage, etc. For example, you get to your airport shuttle service to head to your hotel and realize some luggage is missing. Your insurance provider will handle this problem. Almost 94% of people will get this type of insurance.
  • Travel Medical Insurance –Regular health insurance doesn’t provide coverage outside your home country. This is perfect for you if you need coverage for medical emergencies but aren’t worried about cancellations and lost luggage.

What Happens After You Purchase It?

Well, for one, your investment is safe! However, there are some steps you need to take after getting it.

1. Print your Confirmation Email

Once you sign up for travel insurance, you’ll get a confirmation email. This is the confirmation of the coverage and includes information about the dates your policy will be in effect. Before setting off for your trip, print the email and keep it with you. Also, back it up with Google Docs, Cloud, etc., so you can access it anywhere.

2. Review all the Documents

You’ll receive a policy, certificate, and coverage description when you get travel insurance. In addition, all insurance companies offer a “Free Look” period. At this time, you can review the plan and choose to accept or reject it. If you return it, you’ll get a full refund if you didn’t file a claim with them already.

3. Check out the Exclusions section

There will be a section in your travel that will have all the inclusions. Read it carefully to see what the policy doesn’t cover.

4. Contact your insurance provider for claims questions

This is an important step. Contact your insurance provider if you have any questions or a situation where you may have a claim. You also need to contact them if you think you need medical help, there’s a natural disaster heading towards your resort like a hurricane, you need to cancel, etc. The insurance company is obligated to answer all your questions.

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