Best 5 Multiplayer Cricket Games For Android Users

Multiplayer Cricket Games

Cricket fever is always high around the world, that’s for sure. Since IPL has already begun, people are looking for the best multiplayer cricket games for Android. So, if you use Android and want the same thing, we have some good news for you. On the Google Play Store, there are a lot of cricket games for Android. You can play any of them to get your third for cricket. But you only have a few options to play cricket with a friend. The Play Store does not offer multiplayer support for every cricket game. You need to get multiplayer cricket games for Android if you want to play games with your friends.

Best 5 Multiplayer Cricket Games For Android Users

The best multiplayer cricket games for Android will be listed in this piece. Let’s see what games are going on.

1. Real Cricket

Multiplayer Cricket GamesThe most famous cricket game on the Google Play Store is Real Cricket. The great thing about the game is that it offers different play styles. There’s the Australian T20 Bash, the IPL, the PSL, the Road to the World Cup, and more. There is also a real-time multiplayer mode for Real Cricket. In the multiplayer mode, you can play standard 1vs1 with your ranked or unranked teams, or you can team up with friends and play 2Pvs2P. Real Cricket is known for its realistic images, Hindi comments, and unique gameplay.

2. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Multiplayer Cricket GamesIf you like Master Blaster a lot, you will definitely love this game. The game offers multiple game types and allows you to play as the famous Master Blaster himself. You can play One-Day, Test, T20, domestic, Premier League, World Cup, and other games. Also, Sachin Saga Cricket Champions has a PvP Real-time Multiplayer mode that lets you compete with genuine players online or with friends.

3. World Cricket Championship 3

Well, World Cricket Championship 3 is one of the best-rated cricket games for Android on the Google Play Store. The best thing about the game is that it has 1v1 multiplayer settings that can be played online and offline. You can play nearby, or you can play against people online. The game has over 150 animations for hitting and 28 motions for bowling. You can choose from 18 foreign teams, ten from your country, and 42 venues. If we talk about the features of the games, they were well-designed and simple to learn. Before starting a game, the game lets users choose the pitch conditions, D/L system, weather, player traits, etc.

4. Stick Cricket Live 21

One of the games on the list, Stick Cricket Live 21, is a good 3D cricket game you can play on an Android. Only multiplayer mode is designed for the game. When we talk about how the game is played, each player has three overs to face the bowlers of the other team. Ultimately, the game goes to the team that gets the most runs. The game has 3D cricket grounds from all over the world, like Dharamshala, Dubai, etc. Stick Cricket Live 21 is a good multiplayer cricket game for Android.

5. Cricket League

Cricket League is a fun cricket game for Android. This game lets you play quick two-over games against your friends or other players worldwide. As you compete with other players, you earn coins that you can use to create your dream team. It is free to download from the Google Play Store but has ads, and you can buy things within the app.

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So, these are the best multiplayer cricket games for Android phones. Tell us about any other cricket games in the box below. This post was helpful! Please share it with your friends as well.

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