Best 10 Cricket Games For Android Devices 2024

Cricket Games For Android

Well, there’s no question that there’s always a high level of Cricket Fever worldwide. Since India’s biggest cricket event, the IPL, has been canceled, now is the perfect time to share a list of the best cricket games for Android. You can find many Android cricket games on the Google Play Store. But only a small number of those give people a great cricketing experience. These games are extremely popular among cricket fans.

Best 10 Cricket Games For Android Devices 2024

So, if you like cricket as much as I do, check out the list of the best cricket games for Android below. All of the cricket games for Android that are listed in this article have been tried by hand and will give you the best gaming experience. Let’s look at the list.

1. Epic Cricket

Cricket Games For AndroidOne of the best cricket games made by Nazara Games is Epic Cricket. The game has HD-quality visuals and is extremely famous among cricket lovers. In addition to visuals, the game also features live play from around the world, full-match live comments, etc. The game has many different ways to play cricket, like the current ODI, T20, Test messages, and more. So, Epic Cricket is the best game you can play on your Android phone.

2. World Cricket Championship 2

Cricket Games For AndroidNextwave Multimedia’s World Cricket Championship 2 is the best cricket game on the list. You won’t believe it, but the game has over 150 movements for hitting and 16 different throwing moves. It covers a wide range of cricketing forms. You’ll be glued to the game for World Cricket Championship 2, which is so lifelike.

3. Sachin Saga

Cricket Games For AndroidSachin Saga is based on Sachin Tendulkar, known as the “Lord of Cricket.” In this game, you have to play the Legendary Master Blaster. It is one of the cricket games on Android that is growing the fastest. You can play ODI, Tests, T20, Domestic, Premier League, or the World Cup on Sachin Saga. So, Sachin Saga is another one of the best cricket games for Android.

4. Real Cricket 20

Cricket Games For AndroidReal Cricket 20 is the best cricket game for Android. Nautilus Mobile makes the game, and it has lots of gameplay types. You can play the World Cup, IPL, T20 World Cup, etc. It also has lots of tournaments, like the Asia Cup, Master Cup, Under-19 World Cup, and so on. It’s one of the best cricket games for Android, and everyone should play it because of its stunning visuals.

5. Beach Cricket

Cricket Games For AndroidBeach Cricket offers players a great way to play cricket at the beach, as the game’s name suggests. Even on low-end Android tablets, Beach Cricket has stunning visuals and sound. This is not a normal cricket game like Beach Cricket. The biggest task is dealing with the sand and wind. So, Beach Cricket is a unique game you can play right now.


World Cricket Championship Lite is a simple game you can play right now. You won’t believe it, but you only need 60 MB of free room on your Android phone to run WCC LITE. Even though it’s a mobile game, it offers fully immersive 3D gameplay. The game is therefore dominated by cricket and not by size. So, WCC LITE is another of the best cricket games for Android you can play right now.

7. Stick Cricket Premier League

Well, Stick Cricket Premier League is a cricket game where you can make your leader, travel the world, and build your dream team. Fast-tracking is a feature of the app that can help players who don’t have time to finish all the matches. Stick Cricket Premier League is the best cricket game on the Play Store, with a 4.3-star rating. Also, less than 40 MB of file room is needed to run the game.

8. Battle Of Chepauk 2

If you like the Indian Premier League (IPL) a lot and your favorite team is the Chennai Super Kings, Battle Of Chepauk might be the best game for you to play. On Battle of Chepauk, you must choose you starting 11 and lead the team to win. The game now offers five fun gaming modes: Super Over, Super Matches, Super Slog, and so on. So, Battle of Chepauk is another one of the best cricket games for Android.

9. T20 Cricket Champions 3D

Want to go cricketing in 3D? If you answered yes, you should play this game right now. What’s that? The full 3D images, realistic motions, batter movement, and ball physics keep you interested throughout the game. It doesn’t have a mode for playing with other people but offers different ways to play a cricket game. You can play a quick match or a tournament, one-over games, etc.

10. World of Cricket

It’s a cricket game known for how lifelike it feels and works. There are different ways to play the game. So, get your favorite players, learn, and power up your team to beat your opponents. In this game’s online mode, you can play with random friends, Facebook friends, or people you know in real life. The game has 16 foreign teams and more than 25 ways to hit the ball.

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Well, These are the best Android cricket games you can play right now. Tell us in the box below if you know of other Android cricket games like these. This post was helpful! Please share it with your friends as well.

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