Best 10 Photo Collage Apps For Android

Photo Collage Apps Android

Have you ever wanted to share multiple photos in one post without creating a separate album? If so, you should create together a photo collage. Creating photo collages is straightforward and fun, and the results are well worth it. To make a photo collage on Android, you need to use an app that lets you do that. There are tonnes of Photo Collage apps for Android on the Google Play Store.

Best 10 Photo Collage Apps For Android

In this article, you’ll share a list of Android’s best photo collage apps that let you cut, tear, move, and glue together several photos. So, let’s check out the list of the best Android photo collage apps.

1. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Collage Apps Android

Photo Editor Pro is a great photo editing app for Android that always impresses its users. What’s that? With Photo Editor Pro, you can create a collage of more than 20 photos. Not only that, but Photo Editor Pro also lets you edit photos with different frames, layouts, stickers, filters, effects, and so on.

2. Photo Mix + Photo Collage

Photo Collage Apps Android

Photo Mix + Photo Collage lets users make collages out of their favorite photos, just like all other collage making apps for Android. The app gives users various collage templates when creating a photo collage. In addition, Photo Mix + Photo Collage lets users add popular filters and colorful backgrounds to their photos.

3. Pic Collage

Photo Collage Apps Android

Pic Collage has everything you need to create collages that are your own. The app gives users a lot of different collage templates, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, and so on. Aside from that, Pic Collage is different from its competitors because of its easy use.

4. Collage Maker

Photo Collage Apps Android

Collage Maker is the easiest collage making app for Android smartphones. First, you must pick a bunch of photos from your phone’s gallery, and then the app instantly combines them into a cool photo collage. Collage Maker has more than 100 different layouts of frames or grids that you can use to create a photo collage. It also has many backgrounds, stickers, fonts, and doodles.

5. Photo Collage

Photo Collage Apps Android

Photo Collage is an app that, as you might have guessed from the name, combines several photos into a cool photo collage. For creating a photo collage, the app has over 60+ different collage frame templates with a photo grid, square, heart, star, etc. You can also add your notes to the collage by hand.

6. Photo Collage Maker

The Photo Collage Maker is one of the best and most highly rated collage maker apps on the Google Play Store. Its best feature lets users create collages with up to 15 photos. In addition, Photo Collage Maker lets users choose from various effects, filters, backgrounds, frames, and other things.

7. PicsArt Photo Editor

One of the finest photo editing apps on the Google Play Store is PicsArt Photo Editor. You won’t believe it, but more than 500 million users currently use the app. Regarding PicsArt Photo Editor’s features, the app has a lot to offer, like a collage maker, a camera interface, effects, filters, and so on.

8. Collage Maker From ClickLab

Collage Maker is an app that needs more attention but has all the important features. It’s one of the best collage maker apps on your Android. It has many collage photo frames, and you can use any of them for free. Aside from making collages, it also lets you do some basic photo editing, such as adding text, filters, frames, etc., to your photos.

9. Canva

Well, Canva is a great photo editing app for Android smartphones. What’s that? Canva makes design and video editing incredibly easy and fun. You can create great logos, posters, video collages, photo collages, and more with the Canva Android app. Canva has every tool and features you want to use to edit photos. All in all, Canva is a great photo editing app for Android.

10. Blend Collage Free

Blend Collage Free is an app for editing photos that lets you create collages, blend photos, and so on. It has several free collage frame templates to choose from if we only discuss the collage. The app is easy to use compared to other Photo Collage Apps for Android. Also, you can share photo collages right from the app to social networking sites.


With these free Android apps, you can create amazing and beautiful photo collages. If you know of any other free apps for Android that can be used to make collages, let us know in the box below. This article was helpful! Please share your friends about it too.

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