How To Easily Quote Someone On Discord On PC Or Mobile?

Quote Someone Discord

Discord is a free chat app that is used by gamers all around the world. Millions of players have united on the platform since its inception in 2015 to establish communities around their favorite projects, games, and other ideas. Because of the app’s emphasis on chat, gamers may use all sorts of formatting elements built right in through markdown, such as bold, italics, underlining, and more. These enhancements allow users to express themselves more freely and guarantee that Discord stays a personality-driven space. However, one feature Discord users frequently seek the ability to quote others. Slack, a work-oriented competitor to Discord and various other chat apps, includes this feature. Discord users have had no way of quoting other users for a long time without resorting to code blocks or complicated chatbots. Fortunately, this has changed during the previous year! We’re glad to update this page to reflect that quoting is a built-in Discord feature. This is how it works.

How To Easily Quote Messages In Discord?

You may quote other Discord users using the same ways on all platforms (iOS, Android, and desktop). Although the quoting approaches are fundamentally the same, we will concentrate on mobile-Discord in this example. On the desktop, multi-line quoting is slightly different (it works easier), but otherwise, the technique is identical. Follow these methods to quote text on Discord quickly:

1 – Find and copy the message in question.

Quote Someone Discord

2 – In the text field, type the > symbol.

Quote Someone Discord

3 – Press the space bar. A text line will be shown.

Quote Someone Discord

4 – Paste the text you copied earlier.

Quote Someone Discord

5 – Enter the message into the chat. Alternatively, use Shift + Enter and backspace to @ someone.

Continue reading if you need further assistance submitting a single or multiple-line quote on Discord.

Single-line Quotes On Discord

On Discord, single-line quoting is used when you wish to quote something that takes up one line of text. This implies that there are no line breaks and that your fingers never press the Return key on your keyboard. To use a single-line quote, type”>” followed by a space and your quote. Here’s how it should appear in the app:

Quote Someone Discord

Multi-line Quotes On Discord

When you need to quote text that contains line breaks, such as a succession of paragraphs, you should use multi-line quoting. You could type”>” in front of each new paragraph you want to quote, but this could become tedious. As a workaround, at the beginning of your message, type “>>>” followed by a space to make everything you type in that quote message part. The only way to get out of that quote is to either send the message again or backspace the “>>>.” On the app, it will appear like this:

Quote Someone Discord

You may recall that we stated that multi-line is quoting works differently on a desktop. This is because”>” and “>>>” both employ multi-line quoting by default. So, to return to regular text hit Return and then Backspace to make it a single-line quote. And there you have it! That’s all there is to know about quoting on Discord for now.

Use Code Blocks To Quote Somebody On Discord

You may accomplish a similar effect by using the code block feature. However, this strategy is only applicable to PCs. Typically, this is used to highlight code in a long lines list, although it may just as easily be used as a quote function. Surround the phrase you wish to quote with two backticks “`” symbols.

Quote Someone Discord

As an example: ` The quote ` (Type this without the spaces between text and backtick).

Quote Someone Discord

The phrase will be placed into a code block due to this. While this could be better for someone looking for a quote, the format is comparable. You may even make multi-lined ones for texts that span several levels. While there is no typical manner of quoting, some Discord administrators may install a bot that allows quotes and other capabilities. This bot would need to be introduced to each channel where it would be used, but it is worth the work for people who wish to quote others.


Certain words must be stylized for efficient text communication. Here are some additional responses to your commonly asked questions:

How Do You Address Someone Directly In A Group Chat?

When conversing with others in a Discord channel, you may need to send a message to a specific person rather than the entire group. You may send a private message to someone by touching on their username. You may, however, message that person within the channel as well. Type the @ symbol before their username. A list will emerge, from which you may choose the contact or type their entire name. When the message shows in the group chat, their name will be highlighted, suggesting that it is intended for them exclusively.

Why Are Not The Quotation Marks Working?

We see this all too often: users feel irritated when attempting to edit text with single quotation marks. Most users believe that markdown does not function. In Discord’s markdown, you’ll almost always need to use a backtick symbol, which appears similar to a single quotation mark but isn’t. This key is located on your keyboard to the left of the 1 key. It is used with the tilde key, which is also quite handy for Discord markdowns.

Is It Possible To Use Bots To Help With Quotations?

Without a doubt. There are various bots available online that you may add to your Discord server to allow quotations. You can easily add a bot to make this simpler if you are the owner or have administrative rights. Quotes Bot is specially created for this feature; however, one of the bots you already have may support it.


Fortunately, there are several options to personalize the Discord platform. There are several built-in themes and the ability to change font sizes, text zoom, and other features. Those wishing more customization may download BetterDiscord, a modified version of Discord that allows users to download customized themes and change other platform parts. Because Discord offers an open API, anybody may construct their versions of the social app. The nice thing about Discord is that users are limited by their imagination. If someone can code and modify the existing language, they can do whatever they want with the platform. Most inventors make their works available online for free for anybody to check out.

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