Best 10 Android Launcher Apps To Try

Android Launcher Apps

Android has a lot of customization options because it is the most popular mobile operating system. You can install Android launchers to find more customization options in addition to the usual changes to your Android device. Currently, the Google Play Store has hundreds of Android launcher apps. A regular person can get confused if there are many options. So, to clear up the confusion, we’ve shared a list of the best Android launcher apps you can use right now. These are the best Android launcher apps that have ever been made.

Best 10 Android Launcher Apps To Try

You can get the most out of your Android by using these launcher apps to maximize the customization options. So, let’s look at the best Android launcher apps.

1. AIO Launcher

Android Launcher AppsAIO Launcher is one of the best Android launcher apps on the Google Play Store. It’s not your typical home screen launcher app; it has bright buttons and a lot of motion effects. AIO Launcher takes the place of your home screen and lets you add some important information. With AIO Launcher, you can put the weather, messages, dialogs, music, frequently used apps, contacts, calls, timers, emails, tasks, and more on the home screen.

2. Nova Launcher

Android Launcher AppsNova Launcher is the best and most powerful Android Launcher app available. It’s an Android app that completely replaces your home screen and brings many smart features. With Nova Launcher, you can use Dark Mode, make your icons, change how your app window looks, and more. The launcher app is also made to run quickly. So, even if you have a mid-range device, you won’t notice Nova Launcher being slow.

3. Niagara Launcher

Android Launcher AppsOne of the unique Android launcher apps you can use right now is Niagara Launcher. With just one hand, you can reach everything with this simple list launcher app. Yes, a launcher app lets you handle your device’s functions with just one hand. Aside from that, the app is also very flexible, which makes it easy to get the apps you need.

4. ADW Launcher 2

Android Launcher AppsYou can get the smart, professional launcher for free. With so many options for customization, this launcher lets users make their devices look crazy. Regarding how well this launcher works, nothing is slow, and everything moves like butter. So, it’s one of the best Android launchers you can use.

5. Solo Launcher

Android Launcher AppsSolo Launcher is one of the best-rated and most-downloaded Android launcher apps on the Google Play Store. Users of Solo Launcher can customize the user experience of their Android devices. The launcher can change Your Android’s appearance, which brings many themes and wallpapers. The app also brings some tools for optimizing Android, such as Junk Cleaning, RAM Boosting, etc.

6. Apex Launcher

Millions of users use Apex Launcher, another highly-rated launcher app on the list. What’s that? Your phone’s launcher app brings you unique customization options. Apex Launcher allows you to customize nearly everything. You also get an App locker, an Android booster, backup options, and more.

7. Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair Launcher is one of the best new Android launcher apps. The launcher app for Android brings Pixel functions to your phone. The launcher is part of a project called “open source,” which was made by amateurs. The app brings many options for Android Oreo, support for icon packs, the ability to change the size of icons, and a lot more.

8. C Launcher

If you want the best free launcher for Android that is quick and smart, you should choose C Launcher. C Launcher brings you thousands of wallpapers, icon packs, themes, and other things. You can use it to change the way your Android looks. Not only that, but C Launcher also brings many 3D effects and wallpapers.

9. Microsoft Launcher

With Microsoft Launcher (which used to be called Arrow Launcher), you can change the wallpapers, theme colors, icon packs, and other things on your Android device to make it fit your style. With a Microsoft account or a work/school account, you can see your schedule, papers, and recent actions in your customizable feed.

10. Action Launcher

Action Launcher is what you need to try if you want your Android to feel like a Pixel. What’s that? Action Launcher is one of the best Android launcher apps on the Google Play Store. Despite being small, the launcher app offers a ton of customization options. It has motion controls that can be changed, a fully customizable dock search, apps, icons that can change, and more.

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So, these are the best Android launcher apps you can use. This post was helpful! Please share it with your friends as well. If you know of other Android launcher apps like these, please tell us about them in the box below.

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