Best 10 Color Matching Apps For Android Users

Color Matching Apps For Android

You need to realize how smart the phone you’re holding is. Your phone can do a lot for you, from letting you make calls to letting you buy things. You can also use your Android phone to extract colors from images and discover their colors. Since colors are so important, color matching can be useful in many ways. For example, if you are remodeling your house, you should explore the color library to find the right color code for your brand or graphic design project. No matter your reason, you can use the color matching apps for Android to find, extract, and match colors. So, in this article, we’ll list some of the best color matching apps for Android phones.

Best 10 Color Matching Apps For Android Users

Please keep in mind that almost all the apps we’ve mentioned are free to download and use, but some may ask you to buy items within the app. So, let’s look at the list of the best color matching apps for Android.

1. Pixolor

Color Matching Apps For AndroidThe other color matching apps for Android mentioned in the article are very different from Pixolor. This one is a live color picker that can be used to find the color code or values of any pixel on the screen. Even though the app is meant to find the color codes, it can also help people with bad eyesight pick the right color by zooming in on the parts of the screen. Pixolor can also be used to make a color palette from current images.

2. Palette – Extract Colors

Color Matching Apps For AndroidPalette – Extract Colors is likely the most popular color picker app mentioned in the article. The Palette – Extract Colors also needs you to scan an image with your phone’s camera, just like every other app. When you scan an image, the app instantly picks the main colors and shows them to you. Also, the app saves the colors automatically in a palette for use in the future. Its style is simple and beautiful, and it only needs 3MB of file room installed.

3. Color Picker

Color Matching Apps For AndroidColor Picker is a free color matching app for Android. You can use it on your phone. All you have to do to use this app is open it and point the camera at an image. The app will instantly scan the image and show you the exact color. It also shows some other information that may be helpful to graphic artists, such as the color temperature, the degree of color matching, where the color is on the optical spectrum, and more.

4. Pigments

Color Matching Apps For AndroidPigments is an Android app that lets you make a beautiful color palette, change it, and send it to someone else, all from your phone. The app lets you create unique color palettes with just one tap, change the colors it makes, and more. You must buy the paid version of Pigments to use the color picker. You can select any image from your gallery and extract the color codes using the Pigments color picker.

5. ColorSnap

Color Matching Apps For AndroidColorSnap is different from the other color matching apps for Android mentioned in the article. The app uses virtual reality, so you can capture a photo of your room and immediately change the color of the wall. The app could be very helpful if you want to choose the best color for your walls. You can photograph a part of your house and turn the colors into a palette.

6. Color Harmony

Color Harmony may not be as famous as the Color Grab app, but it is still one of the most powerful colors matches you can use on your Android. You must open the app and point your phone’s camera at the wall. This app will automatically scan the colors and show you all the matching options. Color Harmony can also explore different color combos, change the color palette, and do other things. But some of the features were only available in the paid version of the app.

7. Color Grab

The app Color Grab is more popular than the Color Gear app mentioned above. This one is lighter and easy to use as well. With the Color Grab Android app, you can point the camera to pick, capture, and identify colors. The color mixing tool is another interesting part of Color Grab. This tool lets you mix different colors to make a new color. All in all, Color Grab is one of the best color matching apps for Android.

8. Camera RGB Color Picker

Camera RGB Color Picker is the lightest color picker app on the list. The Camera RGB Color Picker lets you use your camera to extract color from the things you point at, just like every other color picker app. What’s that? Camera RGB Color Picker can extract colors from a single image and store almost 250 colors for future use. You also have the option to copy the color codes to the clipboard, pause the image and move the target cursor, and more.

9. Color Gear

Look no further than Color Gear if you’re searching for a comprehensive color tool for your Android device. Color Gear is an Android app that is easy to use and good for new and experienced artists. The color tool for Android has two main functions. The first is a color wheel that lets you choose colors directly and copy the color code. The second lets you enter an image, and the tool automatically picks up its color.

10. Color Detector

Look no further than Color Detector if you’re searching for a simple and portable camera color picker and recognizer app for your Android phone. The small and easy-to-use Android app can extract a subject’s color directly from the camera image. Everything is done in real-time, so you don’t need to capture a photo or pick an image. It also has a palette tool to make and save color choices.

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Color matching can be hard, but you can make it easier with these Android apps. This article was helpful! Please tell your friends about it too. Well, if you know of any other color matching apps for Android, let us know in the box below.

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