Best 10 Google Chrome Themes To Use

Google Chrome Themes

Google added a new customization option to Chrome last year that lets you change the color of the layout and browser tabs. But is that the only thing Google Chrome lets you change? No, that’s not true. Numerous customization options are available in Google Chrome, but most are hidden under the Chrome flags. Applying themes is the first and easiest way to change a web browser’s appearance. The Google Web Store has hundreds of nice-looking Google Chrome themes that can change how your web browser looks in no time.

Best 10 Google Chrome Themes To Use

If you’re tired of how Google Chrome always looks the same and want to change it completely, you can try using new themes. The best Google Chrome Share Themes offered on the Google Web Store will be discussed in this piece. All the Google Chrome themes could be downloaded for free and look great. Let’s look at what the themes are.

1. Colors

Google Chrome ThemesOne great Google Chrome theme on the list is Colors, which adds splashes of color to your Chrome. It’s one of the best themes you can use right now, and you can get it for free from the Google Web Store. The theme gives your new tab page a splash of color in the background. It still needs to change how the bookmark bar or address bar looks.

2. Themes from Chrome Team

Google Chrome ThemesGoogle’s web store has a lot of new themes for Google Chrome. Google has put out 14 themes for the Google Chrome web browser. The themes are light, and they look good and simple. So, if you want to change how your Chrome web browser looks, you can use one of Google’s themes.

3. Sahara

Google Chrome ThemesSahara is one of the best-rated themes in the Google Chrome web shop. The theme is based on the scenery of the Sahara Desert, which is very big. The wallpaper for this theme displays the Sahara desert at night with Milky Way shining brightly. In the background, if you look closely, you can see groups with camels. This is one of the best themes for your Google Chrome browser.

4. Ride the Wave

Google Chrome ThemesRide the Wave is a theme for people who like things to be dark. The theme keeps your browser looking dark without making it look not very interesting. The theme shows a surfer riding a big wave while bioluminescent jellyfish and shooting stars move around him.

5. Tardis

Google Chrome ThemesFor those who do not know, Tardis is a fictional time machine from the TV show Doctor Who, and the theme is based on it. Tardis might be the best option if you’re looking for a simple and light theme for your Chrome browser. The theme adds deep blue backgrounds and a white bar on top of the current tab to make it easier to move around.

6. Nordic Forest

You might like Nordic Forest if you want to enjoy nature from the comfort of your own home. One of the best themes in the Chrome web shop is Nordic Forest. Sets of beautiful pictures with pine trees come with this theme. You should use this theme if you like the outdoors like I do.

7. Color Fusion

Color Fusion is a great theme for the Google Chrome web browser. Once you apply it, it adds transition colors to your Chrome browser, making it look better. Color Fusion is different because it uses different colors for each browser feature. For example, the color of the current tab is not the same as that of the address bar. The theme is based on an original idea and looks good.

8. Iron Man-Material Design

If you like Iron Man, you will like Iron Man-Material Design. Even though Iron Man died unexpectedly in the movie, he will always live on through the Iron Man-Material Design theme. The theme comes with a great picture of Iron Man ready to fight. When the theme is used, it gives the tabs a bluish-red tint.

9. Deep Space Theme in Black

Deep Space Theme in Black is great if you like space or things in the sky. It’s one of the best Google Chrome themes for people who like space because it shows real space pictures from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The theme looks great, and you’ll want to go to the edge of space every time you look at it.

10. Raindrops(Non-Aero)

Want to live in a place where it rains a lot? If so, you should try Raindrops (Non-Aero). The theme looks like real raindrops falling on the window of a car. It’s a great theme for people who love nature; over 152000+ people are using it now. When you use the theme, it also makes the top bar of your browser clear. The only bad thing about the theme is that it uses more RAM.

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