How to Make Time Smaller On iPhone On iOS 16

Make Time Smaller on iPhone

With iOS 16, the iPhone lock screen got one of its biggest updates in a long time. Now, you can change the font of your clock, add widgets to your lock screen, and even use widgets in the date placeholder. With all of these options, many people would think that you can change the font size of the clock on the lock screen and make the clock smaller. Is that true, though? Let’s find out!

Can you Change the Font Size of the Default Clock Widget in iOS 16?

On the iOS 16 lock screen, you can’t change the size of the clock font. You can only change the date, widgets, font face, and font colour. This is a big problem if you don’t like how much space the clock takes up on your lock screen, especially if you have an iPhone 14 Pro with the Always On Display. When your device isn’t being used, the big, bright clock can be a bit distracting.

This also means that you can’t change the time in the top left corner of your home screen. But if you want a Time Smaller on iPhone, you can try one of the workarounds listed below to find one that fits your needs right now.

How to Make Time Smaller on iPhone: Workarounds that help

Here are a few workarounds that can help you see the time on the lock screen and home screen in a smaller font size or format. Follow either of the steps below to help you move forward.

Case 1: Make the clock on the LOCK SCREEN show less time.

You can make the time on the lock screen smaller by changing the font, putting the time in the date, or using a widget.
Use either section below to help you through the process.

1. Use a Thin Clock Font For

To customise your lock screen, tap and hold on it. When you are ready to make changes, tap Customize.

Now, tap your Clock and use one of the fonts shown below.
Compared to other options, these fonts are thinner, which can make your clock look a little bit sleeker than before.

Tap Done once you’ve made your choice.

The font for your lock screen clock will now be thinner.

Tip: Can’t see the above font screen? this out

When editing their lock screen, many users can’t get to the Customize option. Instead, they only see the ADD NEW option. This usually happens when you’re setting up your device for the first time and don’t have any custom lock screens set up yet. In this case, you can set up your first lock screen and then choose to change the font for your new lock screen.
Here’s how to do that with an iPhone.

Unlock your iPhone, tap and hold the lock screen, and then unlock it again.
Tap on ADD NEW.

Tap and select the type of lock screen wallpaper you want to create from the categories at the top. For this example, let’s choose Photos.

Go to the Photos app and tap on the picture you want to select.

You will now be taken to the screen where you can change your lock screen. Now you can customise and set up the lock screen however you want.

So, that’s all! Now that you’re at “Customize lock screen,” you can use the guide at the top to change the clock on your lock screen.

2: Add Time in Front of Your Date

You can also add time to the date to make your lock screen clock smaller. Follow the steps below to get going.

Tap and hold your lock screen, then tap the Customize button.

Tap the Date at the top.

Now, you’ll see information at a glance that you can add to your date.
Tap Clock and choose the World Clock.

Tap the Clock that was just added to your date.

To sync your clock, tap and choose the city you’re in.

Tap “Done” to finish making changes to your lock screen.

And that’s how you can add a smaller clock next to the date on the lock screen of iOS 16.

3. Use a Small Clock Widget

You can also add a smaller clock widget to your widgets area, just like you can with the clock widget for your date.
Here’s how to do that with an iPhone.

Tap and hold your lock screen, and then at the bottom of your screen, tap Customize.

Now, tap where it says Widgets.

Move down the list of apps and tap “Clock.”

Now choose a small widget.
We suggest using either the Digital or the Analog version, since they are both very small.

To sync your time, tap your widget and choose the city you’re in.

Tap “Done” to finish making changes to your lock screen.

On your iOS 16 lock screen, the clock is now smaller.

4. Use a Custom Lock Screen Widget as the Fourth Way.

You have more control over what information is shown in your widget when you use a custom widget. You can use this to create a small widget that you can put on your lock screen. Most custom widget apps give you the option to create and add widgets to your date as well as the widgets area.

Case 2: Make the Time Smaller on the HOME SCREEN

You can’t get a Time Smaller on iPhone on your home screen because the one you have now is the smallest you can get. But you can try one of the workarounds below to see if you can get a size that fits you better.

1. Use a Small Clock Widget

Using a smaller clock widget will give you a relatively small clock on your home screen that will be easier to read than the current clock.
Follow the steps below to finish the job.

Tap and hold on your lock screen to enter editing mode.
Tap the plus sign (+) in the top left corner.

Move through the list of apps and tap Clock.

Tap Add Widget next to the widget that is the smallest.

Tap your widget to change cities.

To sync your clock, tap the current city and choose your current city.

Tap on a blank spot to stop making changes to your widget.

Now Done.

So, that’s all! Your iOS 16 home screen will now have a small clock widget.

2: Use a Small Widget you Made Yourself.

As was said above, custom widget creators give you more control over the size and appearance of your widget.
A custom widget will let you create a clock in the size you want and add it to your home screen.

We hope this post showed you how to make your iOS 16 clock smaller. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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