Must-Have 10 MIUI Apps You Should Try


MIUI Apps You Should Try: Xiaomi is a well-known Chinese company that makes smartphones. It makes many devices in the low, middle, and high price groups that all have one thing in common: the price. But it’s not the only thing Xiaomi, a well-known Chinese smartphone company, has made. They also have smart devices for us, like smart bands, watches, home tools, and pens.

Must-Have 10 MIUI Apps You Should Try

But now we’ll tell you about the Xiaomi apps, which are MIUI apps, that you can use on your mobile devices. The most interesting thing is that you can use all of these apps on any Android device; you don’t need a Xiaomi app to use them all.

Mi Mover

MIUI AppsMi Mover is the best tool for transferring files between Android devices. You can move things from your old smartphone to new Xiaomi devices using Mi Mover. The Android app for moving files lets you move almost anything you can think of. You can quickly move pictures, videos, music, papers, texts, contacts, call logs, calendar events, notes, alarms, and more.

POCO Launcher

MIUI AppsThe menu of the Pocophone is, without a doubt, one of the best MIUI apps you can install from Xiaomi. Technically, Poco is a different name from Xiaomi, a well-known Chinese company making smartphones. Putting aside the technical details, our version of MIUI on the Pocophone differs. It’s a very light version of MIUI 10 with a different name. So, it is one of the best apps we can download because it has more than just a new look.

Mi Home

MIUI AppsYou can install the Xiaomi Mi Home app on your Android smartphone, which is required. You will be familiar with this app if you have a Xiaomi smart home device. The app lets you control almost all the smart devices in the Xiaomi smart device environment, like the robot vacuum cleaner, the rice cooker, etc. So, it is a must for anyone who uses the Xiaomi environment. It’s also worth it because it keeps us updated on all the new goods in that environment.

Mi Remote controller

MIUI AppsMi Remote Control is one of the MIUI apps you can install on your device from the well-known Chinese company Xiaomi. Whether or not you can install it depends on whether or not your device has an infrared port. Yes, you can use an infrared port to control your TV or air conditioner, and the Mi Remote Control app is easy to use. We must install it from here and use your mobile device to control any electronic device you want.

Mi Fit

MIUI AppsWe have Mi Fit, which is the same as Mi Home. You already know about the Mi Fit if you’ve got a Xiaomi Mi Band 3, a smart band you can buy for less than $40. This app lets us read information from the smartwatch and other devices without leaving the Xiaomi scale. It is a simple app that works well and is a great activity to do with a friend.

Mi Calculator

Even though it seems silly, the Mi Calculator app from the well-known Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is one of the best calculators you can install on an Android device because it is much more than just a calculator. It works as a calculator, a science tool, a currency converter, a temperature and volume gauge, and many other things, so you don’t need Google to do these things.

File Manager: free and easily

File Manager is one of the best MIUI apps you can download on Android from the well-known Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. Because it has an integrated decompressor, searches are easy, and we can easily share any file; it acts as a viewer of everything we have on our smartphone.


ShareMe is the best and most well-known Xiaomi app we can download to our Android devices. Android devices and PCs can share files over a WiFi Direct network. Also, this well-known app makes a straight connection between the two devices so that files can be shared quickly and easily. Also, you don’t have to look for a USB connection because the link works without one.

Weather – By Xiaomi

Weather – By Xiaomi is an Android app for Xiaomi smartphones or MIUI ROM that shows the weather. The weather app tells you about the current temperature, the chance of rain in your area, and the Air Quality Index. You can even add more than one city to the app and check the weather in each. Lastly, Weather – By Xiaomi is a great MIUI app you shouldn’t miss.

Mi Store

Now we’ll talk about the store app, Mi Store. The app does nothing for you, but if you want to know what’s happening in the Chinese company, the store is the best place to find out. Here, we can buy official Xiaomi devices, check to see if prices have dropped, and get all the information we need about the device we want in one place.

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