Must-Have 25 Productivity Apps For Android Devices

Productivity Apps Android

Those days are long gone when you could only talk on the phone. Smartphones of this age are more than just strong PCs we can carry in our pockets. There are different types of tools for different jobs. Many Productivity apps for Android help you get things done in the Google Play shop. Here, we’ll talk about the best Android Productivity apps that can help you get things done out of all the work tools you can get from the Play Store. Let’s look through the list.

Must-Have 25 Productivity Apps For Android Devices

1. DocuSign

Productivity Apps AndroidWell, DocuSign is one of the best free apps you can get right now for eSignature and digital deal handling. The best thing about DocuSign is that it lets users make signatures that are unique to them. Not only that, but you can also send the finished documents via email, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, etc.

2. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

Productivity Apps AndroidOfficeSuite is the most feature-packed mobile office option for Android that lets you quickly view, edit, and make Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. It also lets you change to and from PDF and manage your files.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Productivity Apps AndroidThis lets you use your Android device to connect to your computers safely. You must set up online access using the Chrome online Desktop app from the Chrome Web Store. To join, open the app on your Android device and tap any of your online computers.

4. AirDroid

Productivity Apps AndroidAirDroid lets you manage your Android phone or tablet directly from Windows, Mac, or the Internet. Also, you can share files with your friends and move files from one device to another.

5. Google Now Launcher

Productivity Apps AndroidUpgrade your Android device’s launcher to get a fast, clean home screen that lets you access Google Now with a swipe. Google Launcher has a search box where you can type the app’s name. App ideas will bring the app you want to the top of your A-Z list.

6. Google Keep

Productivity Apps AndroidWhen ideas come to you, write them down! Keep is the fastest way to get ideas, thoughts, and to-dos out of your head without losing your thought. Make notes and plans, set reminders for time and place, and cross off tasks as you finish them. Also, you can access your notes on your phone, tablet, watch, and desktop, as well as any other device, by going to the Google Keep website or using the Chrome app.

7. Today’s Calendar

Productivity Apps AndroidToday’s calendar has all the same features as the stock calendar app. However, many features have been tweaked and rewritten from scratch to improve speed and Productivity. Today makes organizing your agenda incredibly easy.

8. Evernote

Productivity Apps AndroidEvernote gives you the tools to keep your work organized without much effort. You can take notes differently, such as text, drawings, pictures, music, video, PDFs, web clippings, and more. You can use Evernote as a digital notepad and easy-to-use word processor for all your thoughts.

9. Finger Gesture Launcher

Productivity Apps AndroidFinger Gesture Launcher is a useful app if you frequently use multiple apps at once, such as chatting with someone while surfing the web or conversing on Facebook while writing to someone on Whatsapp.

10. TripIt: Travel Organizer

Productivity Apps AndroidYou can see all of your travel plans at once. Send travel confirmation emails to [email protected], and TripIt will make a master schedule for each trip that you can view for free anytime, anywhere.

11. Link Bubble

Productivity Apps AndroidLink Bubble has special features that make surfing the web faster and easier. When you click on a link in an app, Brave runs that free page in the background, allowing you to keep using your present app.

12. Expensify – Expense Reports

Productivity Apps AndroidThe best tool to manage expense reports, keep track of receipts, and go on work trips is Expensify. SmartScan lets you take a picture of your receipt, and Expensify does the rest. Expensify was made for small businesses, accountants, and people tired of wasting time with spreadsheets. It makes business travel and tax compliance easier by giving you better expense reports.

13. Microsoft Outlook

Productivity Apps AndroidOutlook for Android is an app that helps millions of individuals connect all their email accounts, contacts, and files in one place. Outlook for Android has a new look and lets you do more from one powerful inbox.

14. Google Translate

Productivity Apps AndroidJust decided to go to another country? Your best friend will be Google Translate. It’s easy to change text from one language to another with Translate. So, you can type in a phrase in your language and have it turned into another language.

15. Hooks – Alerts & Notifications

Push messages will keep you up to date on anything. Hooks will let you know on your lock screen whether you like sports, movies, news, food, celebrities, or a little bit of everything.

16. SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard uses AI to instantly learn your writing style, including the emoji you like (if you use emoji), the important things to you, and how you desire to type. That tells autocorrect and predictive text that works because it changes to you.

17. Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner

Tiny Scanner is a small scanner app that turns an Android device into a handheld document scanner that can scan everything as pictures or PDFs. Also, this PDF document scanner app can check documents, photos, notes, reports, or anything else.

18. Tasker

This very useful Productivity app for your Android phone will help you get things done. This app helps you automate tasks by setting up manual actions that will be done automatically. For example, you can set your phone to instantly join a certain wifi network when you’re in a certain place.

19. Dashlane

Dashlane’s Password Manager and Digital Wallet make storing and protecting your passwords on your mobile device easy. With over 8 million users worldwide, This is the best password manager for straightforward, safe logins online and in apps.

20. Todoist

You can keep track of everything with Todoist, from simple grocery shopping to your biggest projects, so you can start getting things done and feel less stressed. Todoist helps you get all your tasks and thoughts out of your head & onto your to-do list anytime, anywhere.

21. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Well, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best app for you to make and view notes on PDFs. Adobe Acrobat Reader is among the best and most famous Android PDF apps that you can use. The free, stable, and reliable app has almost everything you need to work with PDFs.

22. Brain Focus

Brain Focus is an app that helps you manage your time and get things done. Based on methods like Pomodoro or 52/17, you can change the exercise length to fit your needs. Also, this is one of the best Productivity apps on your Android device for getting things done.

23. Any. do is the best option if you’re looking for a free app to manage your daily tasks. is one of the best task management apps in the Google Play Store. The app’s interface is good, reminding you to review what’s on your list.

24. Clip Stack

Clip Stack might be ideal if you’re looking for the best free clipboard manager app for Android smartphones. The Clip Stack app for Android saves all the texts you have copied automatically. So, Clip Stack will help you if you just copied some important text and lost it after copying it.

25. Automate

Automate is one of the best apps for automating tasks on Android, and all users would love it. The app lets users set rules that trigger at a specific time. For example, you can pick tasks to disable mobile data whenever it finds nearby wifi, sets your phone to repeat alarm if you cancel the snooze numerous times, and so on.

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So, these are the best Android apps based on Productivity if you have yet to try out this app! Then you must install these Android Productivity apps today. I hope you like the post.

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