Best 10 Online Audio Editor You Must Try

Online Audio Editor

Various third-party apps simplify editing music and audio files on a PC. But what if you need more time or space on your PC to install a third-party app? You’ve come to the right place if you rarely edit audio files on your PC and are looking for a quick audio editing tool. You can edit audio with just a few clicks using many of the best free online audio editor options available on the web. These free online audio editors can do basic and advanced audio editing in web browsers. Most audio editing websites are free to use, but you might have to sign up for some of them.

Best 10 Online Audio Editor

So, in this article, we’ll list some of the best websites to edit music and audio files online. But first, let’s look at the best free online audio editors.

1. TwistedWave

Online Audio Editor

Give TwistedWave a try if you’re looking for a free and simple-to-use browser-based audio editor for your PC. You can record or edit any audio file using the website. The best thing is that all audio you upload is stored and processed on its server; installing anything on your PC is unnecessary. In addition, you have many different and useful audio editing options with TwistedWave. For example, with TwistedWave, you can add audio effects to your music file.

2. Clideo

Online Audio Editor

It is a very popular website that has an easy-to-use audio editing tool. Clideo allows you to cut MP3 files without installing anything on your computer. Clideo’s user interface is very clean and easy to use. First, you must upload your MP3 files, choose the length by moving two markers, and click the cut button. Then after, the web based tool will automatically process and cut your audio files.

3. Soundation Studio

Online Audio Editor

Soundation Studio is an audio editor, but it costs money. You can get creative with the platform and create songs in your web browser. It offers a variety of features as a premium web tool. Over 20,000 ready-to-mix basslines, drumbeats, samplers, synthesizers, audio effects, equalizers, and other sounds are included.

4. AudioMass

Online Audio Editor

One of the best and easiest online audio editors is AudioMass. It’s a free, open source, web based audio and waveform editor that offers basic audio editing features. In addition, it offers a web based Audio Editor, which allows you to cut/trim audio, compress audio, compress MP3, mix audio, increase volume, merge audio, and perform other tasks.

5. Audio Tool

Online Audio Editor

Check out Audio Tool if you’re searching for a web app to make music. To connect with musicians and fans all over the world, use Audio Tool, which is a community-driven platform. When it comes to music, the online digital audio workstation gives you all the tools you need to make music professionally. The web app has different virtual instruments, more than 250,000 free samples, mixing/routing tools, and an effects panel.

6. Audio Trimmer

If you’re looking for a free online tool to trim your audio files on the fly, try Audio Trimmer. It’s a simple online tool where you upload your file, select the part you want to trim, and then click the Crop button. This tool will automatically crop the clip and give you the trimmed version. The good news about Audio Trimmer is that it supports almost all popular audio formats, including mp3, wav, wma, ogg, m4r, 3gpp, opus, m4a, aac, amr, flac, and more.

7. Sodaphonic

Sodaphonic lets you edit your voice recordings directly from your web browser, like every other audio editor. However, it is easier to use than other web based audio editors. First, drag and drop your audio files to edit them. This will upload the file to the Sodaphonic server and allow you to cut, delete, or merge audio clips.

8. Bear Audio

The Bear Audio is a free online MP3 editor that lets you cut, crop, merge, and split your audio files in your web browser. You must upload the audio file through your browser, edit it, and download it. This app supports a wide variety of audio file formats. Bear Audio is based on HTML5, so you don’t need to upload your files to an online server; upload the file, process it, and save it on your device.

9. Amped Studio

Amped Studio is a web tool that only works with Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others. However, it is a full-fledged advanced audio editing suite that runs inside a web browser. As a result, both new and experienced musicians can benefit from Amped Studio’s features. Users can access a large library of ready-made music samples, audio loops, and construction kits with a paid subscription. In addition, Amped Studio offers a variety of sound effects and transitions that can be added to an audio or music file. Well, if you’re a beginner, check out the tutorial videos on the blog page of Amped Studio.

10. Audio Joiner

With Audio Joiner, a web based audio editor that supports more than 300 audio formats, you can combine songs online without installing anything on your PC or laptop. It offers its users simple audio merging features. There are no limits on how many tracks a user can join.


Most of the web based audio editors listed were free to use. You can also use these to edit your audio files without installing any apps on your PC. This article was helpful to you! Please tell your friends about it as well. Tell us in the comment box below if you have any questions.

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