Guide to Leverage SMS Marketing for Political Campaigns

Guide to Leverage SMS Marketing for Political Campaigns

The transition to a more current media mix on the campaign trail is obvious. Across the board, SMS marketing is increasing donations, reaching more prospective voters, and influencing how people vote. According to Tech for Campaigns’ 2018 Get Out The Vote Texting Report, persons who got a text about voting were 1% more likely to vote. It may not seem like much, but it is enough to swing an election.

After carefully examining two million messages we discovered that 54% of clicks occurred within five minutes of receiving a text, 81% occurred within 45 minutes, and a full 95% occurred within two hours, especially in close races where time is of the importance. Bulk SMS software will come in quite handy in these scenarios. 

Keep reading if your campaign wants to employ political campaign SMS marketing software to win elections or if you want to come up with new ways to separate your political campaign texting efforts from your competition.

Here are some of the ways political campaigns can make the most out of SMS marketing-

Prompt People to Vote

Text messaging has evolved as one of the most effective and cost-effective strategies for mobilizing voters. According to Tech for Campaigns research, persons who were reached through text were 1% more likely to vote. While this may not appear to be much, it can make all the difference in a close race. According to the same study, persons who got information about concerns specific to the candidate or the district were 8.2% more likely to vote, and people who reacted to SMS were 9.6% more likely to vote. On Election Day (or when early voting begins or ballots are mailed), text messaging provides your direct connection to supporters.

Candidate Interaction

It is critical to have an efficient method of communicating with your supporters on campaign, event, and polling changes, as well as other vital information. Text messaging, like social media and email marketing, provides an unfiltered and direct means to engage with your fans. Candidates can use a simple bulk SMS text messaging software to get their message across masses.

A candidate can incentivise people to subscribe to their text message program by designating text messaging as the principal route for a candidate’s information.

Campaign and candidate participation can include:

  •   Campaign information that is unique and personalized  
  •   Polling public opinion on issues
  •   Thank you notes for donations
  •   Voter registration information
  •   Important deadlines

Reaching Out to Volunteers and Managing Them

By providing them timely, customized volunteer opportunities or information about forthcoming events, you may use mobile marketing to acquire new volunteers from your most engaged supporters. SMS allows you to reach supporters quickly and lead them to the information they require—without the distractions that social media platforms provide. Collecting location information from subscribers allows your campaign to deliver communications about local volunteer opportunities and events, resulting in increased response rates.

Important Components of Political Text Messaging Campaign

Before you begin your political text messaging campaign, you must first determine the key components that will contribute to a successful campaign. Below, we highlight three critical components that we believe are essential.

Build High Quality Subscribers List

Building and expanding a high-quality subscriber list is one of the most crucial aspects of any campaign. Because a subscriber list is a critical component of delivering bulk SMS messages, the quality of a campaign’s subscriber list is directly related to the quality of donations, voter outreach participation, and the effectiveness of a text program.

Gather Required Data

It’s also critical to expand your opt-in list while gathering the data needed to categorize SMS messages. You can just add the people who want to receive messages from you with the help of SMS blast software.

Segmentation is vital for avoiding list fatigue and providing appropriate calls to action to supporters and voter databases. Aside from the supporter’s name, phone number, and permission, gather their email address and ZIP code. You may accomplish this using your signup form or an automated sequence of welcome letters in which you ask for their feedback.

The ZIP code provides information to target depending on geography, which is very useful for increasing event participation or recruiting volunteers for a specific opportunity. With their email address, you may link the supporter to other online activity and adapt your requests accordingly.

Final Words:

It is critical to select the correct SMS marketing solution for your political campaign; it is a critical aspect in the success of your campaign. we provides simple tools and industry experience to assist political campaigns in overcoming SMS marketing obstacles. Some platforms help political campaigns win whether they are focused on fundraising, voter turnout, communicating with supporters, or organizing volunteers.

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