Best AirDroid Alternatives for iOS Device 2022

AirDroid Alternatives

If you’re an Android user, you’ve probably used or heard of AirDroid. Yes, the app is quite popular, and rightfully so. AirDroid is a program that allows you to control your Android handset from a computer using online or desktop clients. You can use AirDroid to manage files, monitor notifications, respond to messages, operate your device remotely, and much more from your computer. While AirDroid’s capabilities are undeniable, the service has come under fire, with security firm Zimperium revealing details on the app’s major security flaws. In addition, customers have recently complained about the app’s bloatware. So, things aren’t looking good for the AirDroid Alternatives software.

Best AirDroid Alternatives for iOS Device 2022

Here are Best AirDroid Alternatives you may use in 2022, If you’re looking for an AirDroid Alternative or similar iOS software.

1. ApowerMirror

AirDroid Alternatives

This AirDroid alternative, similar to airdroid app, is the third app in this list that offers screen mirroring, after AirMore and Your Phone Companion. It’s a dedicated screen mirroring app from the same company that created AirMore, so you can expect high dependability when managing the device from your PC. The best thing about ApowerMirror is that it mirrors your screen without requiring root or ADB commands. Like AirDroid, all you need is the desktop client to get started.

Aside from that, Android and iOS screens can be streamed to a Windows PC or Mac. These AirDroid Alternatives, similar to airdroid app, also allows you to operate Android devices using the mouse and keyboard from your computer. All I have to say is that these AirDroid Alternatives, similar to airdroid app, are a great AirDroid option for merely screen mirroring.

2. Xender

AirDroid Alternatives

If you’ve been using AirDroid to transfer files from your PC to your smartphone, This AirDroid Alternatives or app, Like AirDroid, is a good alternative. It’s a popular file-sharing tool available on various platforms, but its online app is what sets it apart from AirDroid. Users can drag and drop files from their Windows PC or Mac to an Android smartphone or iPhone/iPad using the online app.

While a Windows client is available, the web app ensures that it may be used on nearly any platform. This AirDroid Alternatives or app, Like AirDroid, is free and allows you to transfer an unlimited number of files of any size. The good news is that it works effectively and transmits files swiftly without consuming your connection.

3. Snapdrop

AirDroid Alternatives

If you’re looking for an AirDroid alternatives for file sharing, Snapdrop is a great option. It’s the quickest and simplest method to share files across several platforms without downloading an app, signing up for an account, or scanning a QR code. This AirDroid alternative to airdroid is a web-based open-source platform operating on all platforms. All you need is a public WiFi hotspot. If your PC and smartphone are both connected to the same WiFi network, all you have to do now is access on both devices and begin sharing files.

This AirDroid Alternatives or app Like AirDroid’s main feature is that it’s lightning quick, you can share many files at once, and there are no adverts. Not to add, unlike the free version of AirDroid, all of your file transfers are encrypted using the TLS protocol in this AirDroid Alternatives or alternative to airdroid. To summarise, if you primarily use AirDroid for file transfers, Snapdrop is without a doubt the finest choice on this list.

4. Pushbullet / Portal

AirDroid Alternatives

AirDroid is a one-stop-shop for all things Android, including notifications, file transfers, screen mirroring, and remote access. However, only a handful of apps on the market combine all of these capabilities into a single app. This AirDroid Alternatives or alternative to airdroid is one of the greatest examples, allowing you to access your smartphone alerts, send messages, links, and files, share universal clipboards, and more. All the while, end-to-end encryption is provided for maximum security. However, This AirDroid Alternatives or alternative to airdroid lacks the WiFi file transfer feature that makes AirDroid famous.

Although Pushbullet supports local file transfers natively, it does not provide a full-fledged local web address for file sharing. To provide this compatibility, This AirDroid Alternatives to airdroid has launched a new software called Portal, which allows you to transmit files over WiFi using a specific web address. As a result, Pushbullet and Portal are the ideal alternatives to AirDroid in some ways.

5. Your Phone Companion

AirDroid Alternatives

Microsoft’s Your Phone Companion program bridges the gap between smartphones and Windows desktops. This app, like AirDroid, allows you to receive notifications, send messages, browse photos, and, most importantly, receive calls on your PC. Microsoft appears to be putting a lot of effort into the this AirDroid Alternatives or alternative to airdroid app, as evidenced by numerous new features in the recent past. In reality, if you have a flagship Samsung smartphone, you can accomplish a great deal more.

You can use your smartphone to mirror your computer screen, restart document editing from where you left off on your computer, and more. Overall, Your Phone Companion is a feature-rich program that can provide a lot of AirDroid functionality without upgrading to the Pro edition. The only drawback is that Your Phone Companion is not now available on iOS, but this will be addressed in the future.

6. AirMore

AirDroid Alternatives

This AirDroid Alternative or alternative to airdroid is extremely similar to AirDroid, as the name implies. While it does not have all of the functionality of AirDroid, it does have nearly all of the essential ones. AirMore, like AirDroid, allows you to transfer files from your Android phone to your PC and vice versa. The app syncs your apps, contacts, and messages while allowing you to play media. That’s not all; it also has a “Reflector” feature, similar to AirMirror, that allows you to mirror your Android device’s interface to a computer.

Additionally, the program mimics notifications and allows you to send messages from your computer. Also, if you’re an iOS user who’s always wanted AirDroid, AirMore is now available for your iOS smartphone. Aside from that, unlike AirDroid, This AirDroid alternative, similar to airdroid app, is free. While it lacks capabilities like a remote camera, screen recorder, the ability to make calls, respond to notifications, and desktop clients, it’s still one of the most reliable AirDroid competitors.

7. ShareMe (MiDrop)

AirDroid Alternatives

Although ShareMe does not have as many features as AirDroid, it is worth mentioning because it does not contain any advertisements. There is a profusion of apps for local file sharing on the Play Store, but almost all of them include intrusive ads and sleazy movies, making the experience even worse. ShareMe is well recognized for transferring files between Android cellphones.

However, This AirDroid Alternatives or app Like AirDroid now transfers files between PCs and cellphones, thanks to a recent update. Using the software, you can easily create a local FTP URL on your Android smartphone and access all your files through a web browser. So, if you’re looking for software to share local files between Android devices and desktops, This AirDroid Alternatives or app, Like AirDroid, is a perfect alternative to AirDroid.

8. Scrcpy

AirDroid Alternatives

Scrcpy is another open-source screen-mirroring program that works on various platforms, including Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS. While you’ll need some technical knowledge to get the program up and running, it’s highly recommended. You’ll gain access to various amazing features that are usually only available in the paid versions of apps.

For example, you can virtually control the Android screen from your PC. You can also record the screen in multiple resolutions, use Android keyboard shortcuts, play audio over the PC, send files, and more. Said, if you’re seeking a free alternative to AirDroid, these AirDroid Alternatives or similar to airdroid app is the best choice.

9. Vysor

AirDroid Alternatives

The AirMirror feature on AirDroid is quite cool; however, because it’s wireless, the mirror’s quality greatly depends on the WiFi connection. Thankfully, you can use Vysor to mirror your Android mobile screen to a computer. You can also use the keyboard and mouse on your PC or Mac to control the Android device through the mirrored interface. This AirDroid Alternatives or similar to the airdroid app is free, but you can upgrade to the Pro version if you want features like wireless mode, full screen, better resolution mirror, drag and drop files, and more.

10. AirMirror

AirDroid Alternatives

This AirDroid Alternatives or app Like AirDroid works uniquely, and unlike the other apps on this list, it is solely dedicated to casting your smartphone’s display onto another mobile device. SAND Studio, the same company that created AirDroid, created AirMirror. This AirDroid Alternatives or app Like AirDroid can be used for many purposes, such as tech support, file sharing, or just plain amusement.

The setup process is a little hard and takes some technical know-how, which is the only drawback to using the app. The process is seamless if you are rooted. Non-root users, on the other hand, will have to utilize the AirDroid PC software to authorize some ADB permissions. Nonetheless, it’s terrific software to try if you want to mirror one Android device to another smartphone.

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11. Join

AirDroid Alternatives

Join has acquired a lot of traction as a Pushbullet alternative in the Android community, making it a viable AirDroid option. While Join’s interface isn’t as refined as AirDroid’s, it does allow you to share files, URLs, and your position with many devices. This AirDroid Alternatives or app, Like AirDroid, also reflects your notifications and messages, and you can send messages from your PC using the app. You’ll also love the Tasker integration in the app if you’re a Tasker user. While it lacks AirDroid’s device management, screen mirroring, and other features, it’s still a useful tool to try.

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