Best 10 Stealth Games For Android 2024

Stealth Games

Stealth Games For Android: Android is the most popular phone operating system, so more apps and games are being made. Because of this, the Google Play Store has apps for almost every possible use. Apps and games were put into different groups, such as “Action,” “Arcade,” “Cards,” and so on. We must admit that everyone loves playing games on their Android device. We’ve shared a few articles about games on TechFive, but one area still needs to be covered. The stealth game genre, which can show you how much of a spy you are, is what we’re talking about.

Best 10 Stealth Games For Android 2024

Nearly everyone enjoys playing stealth games. But this genre has few games, so that it could be more popular. Still, the Google Play Store has some of the best stealth games for Android that are a lot of fun to play. So, we’ll share a list of the best stealth games you can play right now.

1. Hello Neighbor

Stealth GamesWell, Hello Neighbor is a stealth game on the list that needs to get more attention. The game combines the stealth and horror genres. It’s all about getting into a neighbor’s house to discover his secrets in the basement. In this game, you play against an artificial intelligence that learns from your moves. As you move through the game, it gets harder and more fun.

2. Hitman Go

Stealth GamesEverybody knows about the Hitman series of games and how popular they are. Hitman Go is an Android spy game that will make you feel like you’re in the real world. In Hitman Go, you must use your mind to figure out how to answer different tasks. It’s a puzzle game where you take turns and have to plan how to move through set spots on a grid. As you play, the game gets more and more interesting.

3. Stealth Master

Stealth GamesStealth Master is among the best and most unique games you can play on Android. You play a killer in this game, and your job is to kill the security guards keeping the building safe. You can even get paid to kill thieves and business leaders. Since it’s a stealth game, you must figure out how to get out without hurting anyone. Everyone should play this game at least once because it is so great.

4. Space Marshals 2

Stealth GamesThis is a unique stealth game on the list that you can play on your Android phone. In this game, you will be given guns and other tools to kill hundreds of other players. The game is more fun and accurate because you can use the surroundings to your advantage. For example, you can hide behind bushes, trees, and other things while beating other players.

5. Hitman Sniper

Stealth GamesThis is one of the most popular sniper games in the Google Play Store. The game has been given a lot of good reviews and has been downloaded more than 10 million times. What’s that? Hitman Sniper is among the best stealth games you can now play on Android. You play as Agent 47 in Hitman Sniper and need to use your sniper to kill the targets without letting the guards know.

6. Robbery Bob

Robbery BobIf you want a stealth game for your Android phone that is very fun and hard to put down, you need to play Robbery Bob. In this game, you play Bob, an unlucky thief who wants to change. To get loot, you have to sneak past people who live there, security guards, sleeping dogs, etc. As you move forward, the game gets harder.

7. République

RépubliqueRépublique might be the best choice if you want a stealth game for your Android that you can play in parts. In this game, the player gets a call from Hope, who is stuck in an unknown totalitarian state. So, the player’s main goal is to help Hope get through a dangerous web. Well, the first episode was free to play, but the second and third must be bought.

8. THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief Game

THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief GameThe excellent thing about THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief Game is that you must steal things from the safest place while maintaining quiet. There are a lot of campaigns and missions in the game. As you complete missions, you can get cool tools like night vision, thermal goggles, stun guns, EMP weapons, digital maps, and more.

9. Ninja Assassin warrior battle

Ninja Assassin warrior battleYou need to play as a Ninja in this game to exact payback on the crime bosses who attacked your people and destroyed your hometown for the good of the land. So, it’s an action game where you use your sword blade to fight enemies and show off your fighting skills. To complete the goals, the player also needs to use stealth techniques.

10. Agent #9 – Stealth Game

Agent #9 - Stealth GameIt is a quiet killer game where you have to move to a new place, kill guards, and complete secret missions. The game is played uniquely, and it looks great. You will undoubtedly enjoy the stealth game because it is very popular among Android users.

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So, these are some of the best stealth games you can now play on Android. Tell us in the comments below if you know of other stealth games like these. This post was helpful! Share it with your friends as well.

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