Best 10 PDF Reader For Windows 11

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PDF has been considered one of the safest ways to share papers online for a long time. You might know how useful the PDF format is if you’ve an online business or work with office files. PDF is a very safe file format; you need a PDF reader to open it. Users can only view, edit, or change PDF files with a PDF reader tool. There are hundreds of PDF reader apps on the internet right now, but most have adware and show many ads.

Best 10 PDF Reader For Windows 11

So, in this piece, we’ll list some of the best PDF readers for Windows 11. We chose the apps with care, and they all work well with the latest version of Windows 11, Windows 11. So, let’s look at the best PDF readers for Windows 11.

1. LibreOffice

PDF ReaderLibreOffice is a PC office suite app that just recently added PDF support. If you use LibreOffice to manage your Office Suite files, you don’t need to run any other program to read PDF files. LibreOffice can’t only be used to view PDF files, but it can be used to edit them. Also, on Windows 11, LibreOffice can protect PDF files with a password. LibreOffice is the best option if you want a free PDF reader for Windows 11 that is small and easy to use.

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

PDF ReaderAdobe Acrobat DC is Windows’s most well-known and feature-packed PDF reader program. On Windows 11, the program can view, print, sign, share, and make notes on PDF files. Adobe Acrobat DC has free and premium plans, which is the best thing about it. While the premium version offers more features like advanced editing, converting, and security options, the free version can only view and edit PDF files.

3. Foxit PDF Reader

PDF ReaderFoxit PDF reading is a powerful PDF reader program that works on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and the web. With this PDF reader, you can view, edit, fill out PDF forms, and sign PDFs on all devices. In addition, Foxit PDF Reader can connect to cloud files and CMS services, which lets you share feedback on documents using a wide range of marking tools. Aside from that, the free version of Foxit PDF Reader lets you sign papers in your handwriting and gives you many privacy and security features.

4. Xodo PDF

PDF ReaderIt is a full-featured PDF reader and designer that works with Windows 11. The premium version of Xodo PDF can be used to view PDF files. It has both free and premium plans. The company claims that Xodo PDF features the fastest PDF view engine and easy browsing, which is true to some extent. You can easily view and edit PDF files with Xodo PDF. It offers a variety of features for changing PDFs, including the ability to write on PDFs, highlight text, annotate PDFs, and fill out PDF forms.

5. Perfect PDF Ultimate

PDF ReaderLook no further than Perfect PDF Ultimate if you’re searching for a simple, all-in-one app for working with PDF files. Perfect PDF Ultimate can be used on many systems and devices to view, edit, and make PDF files. Perfect PDF Ultimate has all the features you’d expect, but it’s a premium program you must pay for. Or, you can use the company’s free trial for a short time.

6. SumatraPDF

SumatraPDF is a free and light PDF reader software that you can try if you are searching for it for your Windows 11. It’s a free program with many file formats, including PDF. It’s a PDF reader that doesn’t take up much space and can be used to read PDF files. But since it’s a free program, it only has a few good features, like the ability to sign documents, fill out forms, add notes, and more. SumatraPDF works with many file formats besides PDF, such as EPUB, XPS, MOBI, FB2, CHM, and DjVu.

7. Nitro Free PDF Reader

Well, you need to download the Nitro PDF pro sample to use the free version of the Nitro PDF reader. After that, you can use the program’s premium features for free during the trial period. After the trial period, your account will instantly switch to the free Nitro PDF reader. With the free version, you can make PDF files, review, sign, and share them. You can even mark up text and add sticky notes and comments to a PDF file with Nitro Free PDF Reader. Aside from that, you can QuickSign any document in seconds, share a picture of your signature, view and print normal PDF files, and more.

8. SlimPDF Reader

As you might have thought from the name, SlimPDF reader is a very small, bloatware-free PDF reader app for Windows. With SlimPDF Reader, you can open and view your PDF files, add notes and other marks, fill out forms, verify digital signatures, and more. With only 15MB, SlimPDF Reader is likely the lightest PDF reader on this list. In addition, the user interface of the PDF reader loads faster and doesn’t use up too many system resources.

9. Power PDF

Power PDF is software that lets people and businesses read PDF files. The PDF tool is very strong and has an office-style user interface for making, converting, and putting together PDF documents. Power PDF offers a lot of power and flexible options for making, changing, and converting PDF files because it is a premium program. You can download the premium sample quickly, even though it’s a free program. Some of the other features of the Power PDF’s premium version are teamwork options, eSign, and more.

10. Web Browsers

Web browsers were made for other things, but many use them to view PDF files. Almost all big web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc., now handle the PDF file format. You can view PDF files by dragging and dropping them onto your web browser. But web browsers are only good for viewing PDF files because they don’t have an option for changing PDFs. If you’ve a web browser, you can go to PDF websites that let you edit and view PDF files.


The best PDF readers for Windows 11 offer at least a free sample. This post was helpful! Share it with your friends as well. Also, if you know of another PDF reader for Windows that works the same way, tell us about it in the box below.

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