How To Fix Failed To Load Save Data Problem In Elden Ring?

Failed To Load Save Data Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a burgeoning action-adventure role-playing game regularly seeing increasing popularity. An increasing number of users are downloading the game. The gamers like it and make a conscious effort to accomplish the assignments by taking enough pauses. Nevertheless, several Elden Ring players have successfully preserved their game’s progress. However, when loading it, they see an error message on Elden Ring stating “Failed To Load Save Data.” As a result of the problem, they are required to start the task again. They find it exasperating since the missions are too lengthy, and they must take enough pauses to finish the game without experiencing stress. We provide a comprehensive guide that will instruct you on effectively tackling the problem at hand.

What Is “Failed To Load Save Data” Problem In Elden Ring?

The game progress will be automatically stored when reaching a checkpoint while playing Elden Ring. Using stored game data, gamers can resume playing the game from the same checkpoint. However, users now report receiving a “Failed To Load Save Data” error message. This indicates that the stored data is unavailable, preventing players from accessing their recorded progress in the game. This is impeding their ability to play the game. Numerous gamers have reported the problem. Currently, they are seeking a means by which they may effectively address the issue. Below, we have provided a list of ways for you to review.

How To Fix Failed To Load Save Data Problem In Elden Ring?

Please follow the following procedures to fix the “Failed To Load Save Data” Error in Elden Ring. Now, let’s begin.

Restart The Game

Initiating a game restart is the first step you can take to rectify any faults on your computer. Unfamiliar individuals might use the task manager to force a hard restart of the game on their computer. To initiate a forced restart of the game on your computer, you must adhere to the following instructions.

  • Launch the Task Manager.
  • Choose the task of the game.
  • Next, do a right-click on it.
  • Choose the option “End Task.”
  • Subsequently, launch the game on your computer and verify whether the problem has been rectified.

Verify & Repair Game Files

If the game files on your PC get damaged, loading the stored data might also result in a problem. We have compiled a list of why you can verify and repair the game files. The game launcher will promptly evaluate the game and its associated files using the Verify and Repair Game Files functionalities. If any complications arise, they will be quickly resolvedTo verify the integrity of the game files, follow the procedures described below.

  • Access the Game Launcher on your device.
  • Proceed to the “Library.”
  • Choose the Elden Ring and perform a right-click action on it.
  • Now, choose the Properties option.
  • Navigate to the Local Files directory.
  • You will locate the “Verify Integrity of the game files” option in the Local Files section.
  • Patience is required until the procedure reaches completion, at which point the problem will be successfully remedied.

Failed To Load Save Data Elden Ring

Disable Steam Cloud Save Feature

Steam offers the Cloud Save option, which securely saves all game files on its servers. Nevertheless, this functionality may clash with the game’s saving feature. You may deactivate it to verify whether the problem has been fixed after that.
  • Launch the Steam Client.
  • Visit the library.
  • To access the game’s settings, right-click the icon and choose the “Properties” option.
  • Now, you will see the Cloud Save option on the General Tab.
  • Deactivate it and see whether the problem has been addressed.

Failed To Load Save Data Elden Ring

Overwrite The Saved Game Data

This is an alternative approach to attempting to resolve the problem on your machine. You have the option to replace the stored Game Data and create a backup of the game data that has been stored for the checkpoint.

  • Launch the Windows File Explorer.
Proceed to the location: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\[17-digit number - FOLDER]
  • Presently, you will locate the Steam configuration files. The files will consist of ER0000.sl2.bak and ER0000.sl2.
  • Remove the ER0000.sl2 file.
  • Change the name of the file ER0000.sl2.bak to ER0000.sl2.
  • Now, verify whether the game can access the saved game files.

Perform Local Save

To address this problem with the game, you may use the Local Save technique on your computer. Adhere to the instructions provided below to accomplish this task.

  • Turn off the internet connection on your personal computer.
  • Now, Proceed to the location: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\*****
  • Generate a duplicate copy of all the data.
  • After creating the backup, remove all of those files from the game’s directory.
  • Reestablish your internet connection and begin the game.
  • Subsequently, the game will prompt you to choose between Local Save and Cloud Save. Select the option to save locally. That is the whole thing.

Power Cycle The Xbox Console Or PlayStation

To address any issues with your system, just power cycle your Xbox system. This approach has been quite effective in assisting several users in fixing the problem. Adhere to the sequential instructions provided below to accomplish this task.

  • Press and hold the Xbox Button for 10 seconds to power off the console.
  • To power up the device, press the Xbox Button again.
  • Ensure that the green boot animation is inspected while the console is initializing.

You may use the same procedure to power cycle your PlayStation system.


How To Fix Failed To Save Game Elden Ring?

Many gamers encounter the issue of “Failed To Load Save Data” when playing Elden Ring. We have enumerated the methods for rectifying the problem. Therefore, it is important to verify the details in the article.

Why Won’t Elden Ring Load My Saved Data?

It will not load if the Elden Ring cannot access stored data. Additional factors may contribute to the occurrence of this condition. We have provided a detailed explanation for the error message “Failed To Load Save Data.” Please review the post above.

How To Load My Elden Ring Back Save?

You can load previously stored data for Elden Ring when starting the game. You can also access the saved game if you reach certain checkpoints during gameplay.

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Many people have successfully downloaded the game, yet they are seeing the error message “Failed To Load Save Data.” As a result of this problem, the players were unable to launch the game from the specific place where they had previously stored their progress. This article provides a comprehensive list of methods to effectively address the problems without encountering any difficulties. Ensure that you adhere to the instructions diligently to effectively address the problem.

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