Best 5 Telegram Client Apps For Windows

Telegram Client Apps For Windows

Telegram Client Apps For Windows: Telegram is among the best and oldest instant messaging apps available for mobile and desktop operating systems. Users can send and receive text messages, make voice and video calls, and more with the instant messaging app. If you use Telegram often, you may already know that the app is best known for its features that are specific to groups. Yes, it’s safer than WhatsApp, but it also offers many other cool features. For example, you can set up polls and bots for groups, among other things. It also has something called “Channels” that lets you send messages to a large number of people. Since it’s a feature-rich instant messaging app, many consumers want to use it on their Windows PC or laptop. Even though Telegram has a Windows desktop client, it has few features. Because of this, the Telegram desktop client could look better. You can easily use one of the third-party Telegram desktop clients instead.

Best 5 Telegram Client Apps For Windows

So, if you don’t like the official Telegram desktop apps and want something better, you’re reading the right guide. Here are some of the best Telegram Client apps for Windows PC. Let’s check it out.

1. Telefuel

Telegram Client Apps For Windows

The official website for Telefuel says that it is the most powerful Telegram client ever made. This desktop client for Telegram helps you use the instant messaging app to its fullest. The good thing about Telefuel is that it sorts chats according to their kind. So, when you install it, you’ll get four different tabs: DMs, Groups, Bots, and Channels. It also has something like Slack called “Workspaces.” Workspaces is a folder that lets you organize your chats the way you want. It also has a few other important features, like a separate filter for mentions and messages that still need to be read.

2. Station

Telegram Client Apps For Windows

The station isn’t exactly a Telegram client; it’s more of a productivity suite that brings together a lot of different things. It has a lot of tools for getting productivity done, doing research, and keeping track of accounts. It also brings together a lot of instant messaging apps, like Telegram. Station lets you manage your Telegram messages, for example. But expect this one to have something other than any fancy features.

3. Unigram

Unigram is a Telegram client made by a third party that can be used on Windows 10 devices. The Telegram client for Windows PC ensures that every user has a smooth and consistent Telegram experience. With Unigram, you can do everything you can do on Telegram on your desktop. In addition to the features that come with Telegram, Unigram brings a lot more, like the ability to use multiple features, drag-and-drop support for files, an in-app music player, channel statistics for large channels, and more. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to get to different chat groups with Unigram. For example, you can use the F1 through F5 keys to see the different chat groups, the F6 key to see the chats you haven’t seen yet, and so on.

4. Kotatogram

Kotatogram is a great third-party desktop client for Telegram that you can use right now. The good news is that Kotatogram works on macOS and Linux as well. Since Kotatogram is based on the Telegram desktop, it has all the basic features and useful/fancy features. For example, a feature called “unquoted forward” lets you send the content of a message to any other chat without copying and pasting or re-uploading files. Other features include putting clickable links in the bio section, a GIF section in the shared media, and more.

5. Ferdi

Well, Ferdi is quite different from the others in the article. First, it’s a desktop client made for users who message and receive many messages. It is a messaging browser app that brings all your messaging apps into one place. For instance, you can use Ferdi to manage your WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Messages, and Telegram all in one place. It also lets you put chats in their workspaces. If you have a lot of Telegram channels that are all about movies, you can put them all in one workspace. You can do the same for conversations with family, friends, and business contacts.


These are the best Telegram clients for Windows PC that will let you use the instant messaging app to its fullest. This article was helpful! Please tell your friends about it too. Also, if you know of other clients like this, please tell us in the box below.

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